suzi the psychic is showing me how special she is.
i never got the complete fsm for her, and her gearbox guts are a bit different than other models. it's similar, but oddly missing some parts, like synchronizer plates, bushes that retain little steel balls, and the steel balls.....
i wonder why they added that stuff?
this is an interesting exersize- perfectly functional unit, before i took it apart.
i have gotten stuck at removing the output shaft needle bearings from their respective case chunks.
[Linked Image]
better figure what i need to press new ones back in also, i guess.
honesty time- the first circlip i popped off vanished- really- there one second, gone the next.
this seems to be the way i start disassembly of gearboxes.

the case is probably too thin to be cut-out for the 4.24 gearset, but mabe.....
once i get the needle bearing thing down, i'll be pulling
suzi's current transfercase for disassembly and inspection.
one of 'em is going back in.....

suzi is disabled again. expected to be usable for some exersize at the end of the month.
i figured a way to control the gravity problem when the rear mounts are removed.
[Linked Image]
I spent 3 1/2 hours removing the transfer case.
[Linked Image]

i am still unclear where this "case too thin for bigger gears" talk, as far as modifying an '89 t-case, came from......
the cases look the same to me. even from the inside.
i didn't loose any circlips, so far.

this all looks familiar. just need to remove some of the black marked material, and the bigger gear will fit....
looks like I can go back to original gearbox.
[Linked Image]
it should be easier this time. last time I left the shaft in the case, and worked around it.....

the top of the case(right in pic) is the thin stuff.
[Linked Image]
very thin. like paper, near bearing boss.
mabe i got carried away with the grinder.

got a lot of parts, but lack the tooling to deal with the needle bearing removal. brute force and cutting implements doesn't impress me, and my attempts to "primitive pete" some tooling were failing.
the fsm i'm using makes it look so easy, so i'll try it their way.
i think this(part of the) project is backburnered about a week.

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