suppose I should have planned this transfercase overhaul differently. waiting on some tooling, before proceeding.
suzi the psychic is disabled in the driveway.
her "new" 4dr front springs seem more lively, and i've lifted the front another 1", by changing puck sizes- took out the 1/2"puck(and rubber cushion),and put in 1" ones.
[Linked Image]
mabe i'll finish up some other little things while she's down.
made some clean-ups to a new fuel filter arrangement we're trying out.
changed out a tire, so suzi has a better spare, in case we need it. trying a bolt-in valve stem, this time.
futzed the fuel pump wires into something more permanent- no more switch dangling outta the dash.....

special tools are cool.
[Linked Image]
2 are for removing, 1 is for install.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
gee- right tool makes it easy.

i may have discovered the real reason the '89 transfercase is "too thin".
[Linked Image]
the front case is cast differently, and the gearsets/countershaft are "shorter".
took me some hours of wonderment.
so the later model transfercases(one on right) use longer countershafts, counter gears, and input gear/output low gear sets.
mabe a hybrid gearbox will have to do.

transfercase is back in suzi's guts- had to dodge some rain.

well- the transfercase seems to work fine.
took her for a little test run today, and am pleased. the bad noise on decell is gone.
now i need to get her smogged for the next 2 years.
run coming near the end of the month.

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