suzi the psychic was so pleased with the responsiveness of the 4-door springs we put in her front end, that i put some in the rear.
gave her about an inch more perk.
haven't run her(yet),and am considering adding some more puck in front(again), to level her out, before i do so....
may run cancelled in lieu of party plans, so gonna try again mid june.
we'll see if life allows.

also interested in overhauling her front hubs- never looked at the wheel bearings- so i can try my new special socket.

glad i pulled the right hub off- the wheel bearings are toast. the special socket works.
the bearings cost $35 each, and i need 4 of them...........+ seals. should have them tomorrow.

found i only needed 2 of those bearings- they come as a single race/2bearing set. still waiting on a couple of grease seals, for the knuckle. also purchased a bearing/seal tool set for my arbor press. used it on one hub.
so much easier than drifting.

finally got her back together again.
"new" rear coils.
a bit more puck in front.
new wheel bearings, and new grease seals.
haven't left the driveway yet.
we shall see.........

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'94 "tracker", with some parts from suzi the psychic.
other modifications made, with more to come.
some intentional.
suzitoo should get me fishing.