suzi the psychic has slightly wobbly front wheels, as if the wheel bearings were loose.
a bit back, i'd pulled the hubs off and replaced the bearings(and seals), thinking that would fix it.
nooooo(as in no difference at all).
my next theory was that the spindle must have been worn, 'cause the bearing had been dirty, rusty, with a nice grinding paste for grease, and did have some obvious wear spoor.
so i picked up some knuckle out chunks from a wrecker, took the spindle out of one, and swapped out the right side.
this has made no difference at all.
instead of doing the same to the other side, i will put the wheel back on and think about it.

go figure.
couldn't give up.
looked at my parts, swapped hubs(kept races and outer bearing from donor), used newer seals, and newer inner bearing.
this combination seems to work.
mabe i should try some similar combo on the other side.
not sure i understand, but....... o k.

left side, clyde.
used donor spindle, hub and bearings, newer seals.
just fine. go figure.
i see no significant difference in the parts.......

gonna finally make a run next weekend(4day) to the e f carson, to see if there is any water left.
i will add a picor2 of a proper rear diff. spacer to perk up suzi's ass a bit- replacing a few poor attempts at making one.

something is wrong w/my picposter.....
oh, and that's my last setup- the thing was not strong enough- had it fail once.

upndown the street, suzi seems ready to go play.
trying a new chuckwagon thing, this time, thrown together for function trial.
i'd show you a picture, but that has been a bit aggravating lately......
need to consider that url stuff- don't like the photobucket way.

ran suzi to work this morning, and the clutch cable started coming apart- one big "grink" and suzi suddenly had some freeplay in the pedal, and the clutch would barely disengage.
got her home(after work) and pulled the cable.
3 strands left. hahaha
replaced with her spare, after fashioning a stiffening plate to compensate for the firewall failure where the cable housing fits.
now i can finish packing. want to pick up my brother and miss bitchy in the morning. and leo.
that's about 6hrs away, for me.

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