Margie, I'll definitely post up something about the trip when I make it. I'm hoping to meet up with Justice while I'm over there, too.

Hi Richard, thanks for the comments. A lot of time taking the one-by-one re-torque nice and slow, adding A LOT of the goop to the threads, and allowing a full 2 days of curing time before starting it, and it appears that I've got no leaks. I've been driving it for the 130 mile round trip to work for the past week and a half and I'm LOVING it!

I've been having some weird vibes coming from the front end that I think are caused by the ratty-assed used tires I've been trying to use. So, I ordered 2 new X-Terrains today to match the others. I also picked up a mount for my quick release blingin' fire extinguisher. I hope to get that mounted in the next couple of days. Things are coming along...


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