I've put a couple of days on the new tires, and it seems that my vibration problems are solved. Then, today I scored.

I came across a 4L80E transmission out of an '06 HD truck that was rolled and got it for a song. A good friend also picked up a project that never got off the ground and all of it's associated parts. In the lot was a 3.8 Atlas II with a 4L80E adapter and Art Carr cable shifter! I traded the future "take-out" 5 speed and split case with Mark's adapter that I will swap said Auto and Atlas for. Finally, I found the elusive Scout II steering box that I've been looking for and need to go pick it up tomorrow.

Where is all this going, you may ask? In September, I'll be changing to one ton axles in a spring-over configuration. My plan is to swap to the HD Auto and Atlas in preparation for the one ton running gear. I'm excited...

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