Brown Santa came the other day, and I finally took a break from house work to get some rig time in. Thanks Kevin (Wagongear)! Fit and finish is perfect, as always, and the key from my tailgate works these cylinders just fine!

[Linked Image]

After getting the side panels mounted, I turned my attention to repositioning my HAM rig. I fashioned a mounting tab for the head unit and got it mounted above the rearview mirror.

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Finally, Don (FC Fab) made me some beefy brackets for the 62 sway bar I want to mount. They are perfect, but my tailpipe is in the way so I'll be hacking that off soon.

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I'll be getting my HAM and CB operational, sway bar mounted, and a few more things before the drive, but I'm happy with where I am for now.


As seen on Expedition with TX plates: VEGETARIAN - An old Indian word for poor hunter

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