Well it has been a while since I have posted. I finally sold my old beloved Pajero to someone who had the time and space and talent to repair her and hopefully gave her a new life.

However, my wife and I are stuck in a conundrum...We may be expanding the family from just two big dogs to a kidlet also. And with this possible kidlet in the near future, we need another, bigger vehicle. My Frontier is fine in the warm weather but where do two dogs, gear and car seat fit into a small cute ute that is our Freelander in the winter? they don't is the answer. So now we have been looking at Jeep commanders, X-terras, fj cruisers, pathfinders, expeditions and all the usual family type haulers that may fit the outdoor/off road enthusiast needs and nothing really seems to or is far more pricey than I want to spend.

So we had a revelation today, why not a Delica L400. We had a Delica 300 and loved it albeit a maintenance headache when things needed doing, but easy access and tons of space. So an L400?? Maybe this is the answer.

I come to you folks asking the question, now that the 4M40 has been available for a couple of years now...Whats the deal? Good, bad, easy to maintain, parts readily available, solid and reliable to haul a family and have as a wifes daily driver or a good vehicle to look at if one doesn't mind working on it all the time?

Please pass along your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks all.

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