While I was on my way to a job, I was passing the Kia Design Center off the I-5 in Irvine, CA (for about the millionth time), and I decided to stop on by and see what it's all about.

I go in to the main entrance where they've got a few new models lined up, and simply asked the receptionist if I could speak to someone from engineering or design to thank them for the Gen 1 sportage.

A few minutes later, the VP of service and Aftersale operations comes out to personally speak with me. He devoted a good 5 minutes of his time to talk with me. He was really pleased to hear that someone was really enjoying one of their early products, and that it's good to hear from a person who knows the vehicles history and capabilities. He said he had a meeting, and then had a National Consumer Affairs Rep give me a tour of the facility, and he showed me all the functions that facility performs, and a bunch of really cool cars, including one of the SEMA souls, and one of the new Forte Koup R-spec!
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"Does this part need to be in there?"

1996 Dodge 1500 single cab / short bed, 5.9 4x4; 2" lift (springs not blocks), C.A.I and more mods to come.