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Re: Lockers, Lockers ,Lockers. [Re: Peabody] #1041755 02/17/14 03:07 PM
Joined: Nov 2011
Posts: 62
Davey Offline
Getting the Wheeling Fever
I'd keep saving for a TF or similar locker, well worth it
<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/mrt.gif" alt="" />

Long a$$ 2000 Sporty, auto, 5.38 gears, TF front locker, 4"+ front lift (Kings +40 springs, 50mm spacers, 1.5" diff drop), TJ 104 rears 3" + 50mm coil spacers, 1.5" body lift, 31/10.5r15's on 15x8 Kings (ET-13), WARN manuals, Smart Bar, spotties
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Re: Lockers, Lockers ,Lockers. [Re: Peabody] #1041756 02/18/14 12:01 AM
Joined: Feb 2000
Posts: 6,243
4x4Wire Offline
Trail Leader
Welding the front diff is a bad idea. The difference in the wheels' rotational speed is much greater in the front end vs the rear when turning. Factor in a series of articulating joints on the front where the rear has none and you've got a recipe for mechanical failure. Rear axles can get away with "Lincoln Lockers" (welding) or spools to some degree because the difference in wheel speed isn't as great and all the output goes to a single set of shafts. And from what I've heard from those who have tried, steering with a welded front end is nothing less than squirrely, to say the least. I'd say try looking for a used Mazda Miata LSD (geared/Torsen or clutch) for the front. They are a drop-in fit for the 7" front end of the Kia. I would go with the Torsen because they are strong and won't blow the clutches if you slam a wheel down after getting it in the air... And they don't need special gear oil, either.

A welded front would be virtually impossible to turn; especially at speed. You can get away with it in the rear; HOWEVER, tire wear is accelerated and as mentioned, excessive pressures are put on suspension.

But, for full off-road use, works great....

BTDT with a welded rear diff...

John Stewart
Editor - 4x4Wire.com
Editor - 4x4Voice
Editor - MUIRNet-News
President - BlueRibbon Coalition
Re: Lockers, Lockers ,Lockers. [Re: 4x4Wire] #1041757 02/18/14 04:45 AM
Joined: Jan 2014
Posts: 22
Tommychu Offline
Need a Spot
Is welding a front diff generally a bad idea? Yes.
Is it really hard on basically the whole front end? Yep.
Can you steer in 4wd? No. Well, you can kinda if you go 3wd by locking only one hub and leave the other freewheeling until you really get into a situation.
Did I end up in an LSD debate that I'm now walking away from given that it's starting to enter keyboard warrior/scat flinging territory? Mmhmm.

Buuut that's not what I'm asking. I don't know as much as I'd like to about this platform specifically, and I was trying to find out if I could do it (as a temporary stopgap solution until I can get my hands on a proper diff at a price that my cheap arse can get down with) without obliterating my CVs in a single season.

Re: Lockers, Lockers ,Lockers. [Re: Tommychu] #1041758 02/18/14 05:48 PM
Joined: Feb 2000
Posts: 6,243
4x4Wire Offline
Trail Leader
But, you have brought forth additional information....

Thanks for asking your question. Each vehicle style offers its own challenges; especially when trying to shift from a standard multi-purpose platform straight from the showroom floor to a tuned for a specific application such as off road performance.

Many new products are developed to meet the emerging need. For each new product, many more are scrapped.

Lockers and bead locks are two subjects that garner a lot of comments.

In short, temporary (cheap) solutions seldom survive trail testing. Do your research and do it right the first time.

John Stewart
Editor - 4x4Wire.com
Editor - 4x4Voice
Editor - MUIRNet-News
President - BlueRibbon Coalition
Re: Lockers, Lockers ,Lockers. [Re: kia74] #1041759 01/12/15 05:26 AM
Joined: Nov 2014
Posts: 12
tspot Offline
Need a Spot
Where did the OP of this thread go? You said you got a locker to work but never explained how. Why???

Re: Lockers, Lockers ,Lockers. [Re: tspot] #1041760 03/12/15 04:01 AM
Joined: Aug 2001
Posts: 5,527
Dave Scott Offline
Trail Leader
Just fyi, I ran a welded front diff in my Dana 44 axle on the old truck, and yeah, it was less easy to steer but, still plenty steerable. I'm going to weld the new Sportage's front diff. I'll let you know how it goes. I can't afford the lockers, especially since I know I'm going to swap the axles again within a year or two.

95 Sportage w/welded and 5.89 geared dana 44's on 38.5" TSL's.- SADLY SOLD
CURRENTLY - 2000 sportage, 5.38 gears, welded diffs, 35" tires, 5.5" lift

Re: Lockers, Lockers ,Lockers. [Re: kia74] #1079580 11/13/15 03:46 PM
Joined: Nov 2011
Posts: 62
Davey Offline
Getting the Wheeling Fever
I'll post this here, as opposed to starting a new thread..

I run a TF locker in my front diff, with 5.38 gears and 31x10.5" tyres.
LOVE the locker, makes the Sporty unbelievably capable, never had any problems with it, and I wheel pretty hard sometimes. I did have some extra bearing shims made to get the clearances in spec on my worn diff carrier.

Now it seems there's a guy on the Micro Monsters FB page that reckons they're all crap and he's had 7 (seven) of them break within one hour of use... he also seems to have a problem with the Korean 3rd party dealer (PICORP). I had nothing but a good buying experience.

So I ask the members here if they've had ANY problems with the TrackFinder lockers, other parts or PICORP.

I do believe "this other guy" has a vested interest in another parts manufacturer (from one of his FB posts), as far as I know he's the ONLY person who's had trouble. If he is the only one, then something is fishy, or he's the worst installer ever.
If others have had problems, then let's hear it for a more balanced discussion!

I have NO vested interests in ANY parts manufacturers, just know that my TF gear has performed well beyond my expectations and have only thus far heard similar experiences from others.

If there are more widespread issues then it helps to get them known.


Long a$$ 2000 Sporty, auto, 5.38 gears, TF front locker, 4"+ front lift (Kings +40 springs, 50mm spacers, 1.5" diff drop), TJ 104 rears 3" + 50mm coil spacers, 1.5" body lift, 31/10.5r15's on 15x8 Kings (ET-13), WARN manuals, Smart Bar, spotties
Re: Lockers, Lockers ,Lockers. [Re: Davey] #1079581 11/13/15 06:03 PM
Joined: Apr 2011
Posts: 326
Peabody Offline
I'm running the TF locker in the rear axle. I have at least 5K miles on it and have had no issues so far. However, I purchased my locker through Nicemotors on eBay. It came assembled in carrier with new side bearings. So I can't comment on purchasing the locker through PICORP or the quality of the product he sells (assuming it isn't a non-TF locker). And I didn't have the opportunity to flub the install in the carrier...

I did purchase my 5.38 R&P set through PICORP. I've had no problem with those, thus far, even though I did the install myself. If I recall correctly, there were a few blokes that had trouble contacting PICORP for awhile after I had purchased my R&P set. Perhaps that implies some inconsistency in his quality of service? My experience was satisfactory. I'll leave it at that...

1997 Sportage 4x4, auto-trans, Warn manual hubs, 4" UPYOURKIA front lift, TJ 106AA rear springs, 2-5/8" body lift, 31x10.50 treads, SmittyBilt SRC front and XRC rear bumper, swing-out tire mount, OBX LSD front diff, Track Finder rear locker, 5.38 R&Ps and... really crappy gas mileage! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/shiner.gif" alt="" />
Re: Lockers, Lockers ,Lockers. [Re: kia74] #1079610 11/19/15 06:57 PM
Joined: Mar 2007
Posts: 65
357transam Offline
Getting the Wheeling Fever
I can't comment on the locker, as I don't have one, yet. That being said, I had a wonderful purchasing experience from PICORP for my 5.38's. I had a shipping confirmation within a few hours of payment, and received the gears in four days from purchase date. That's pretty amazing since it typically takes at least 5 to get anything from about anywhere within the states. I will likely be ordering a front locker from them sometime in the next six months or so, once I'm done with the bumpers, and skids.

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