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Guns are indeed dangerous, that is why folks carry them.

CZ makes fine firearms, I own several CZ rifles, and have owned about that many of their handguns. The CZ 82 is a rather large handgun in a marginal caliber. There are handguns in more powerful calibers but similar size that are better choices.

I never was a Glock fan. That said, from November 2009 to December 2011 I have purchased nine of them. I live about 35 miles from Glock, Inc. so I buy used guns and take them to the factory for free inspection/upgrades. The only thing I have ever paid for is night sights and steel sights; original Glock sights are polymer and can break. Glock customer service won me over, and the gun I carry most often is a Glock 26. I own two of them, both Gen. 2.5's. I own Gen. 2 Glock 17, 19, 22 and a Gen. 3 32. I had a Gen. 3 31 stolen but it was recovered months later and is now in police custody. I gave my son a Gen. 3 17 & 19.

These are my Glocks.
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I would suggest you keep your money and buy two slightly more expensive firearms and let your wife choose her own. I would suggest a revolver for her, as it can be fired through a purse where a semi auto will jam. I do not carry a purse, but if I did I would not bother to try and draw a handgun from said purse to confront an assailant. I would put my hand on my gun and shove the purse into the assailant and start firing until that problem was solved.

Too many 4x4's, not enough time or money