Set of 4 Toyota SR5 alloy wheels with tires.

The wheels came on the higher end Toyota Trucks and 4Runners from 1986-1995, though they should fit many vehicles with a 6x5.5 bolt pattern, including many Nissan and Chevy 4WD trucks. The bolt pattern will fit Tacomas, but the later years had bigger brakes that likely won't clear. The wheel condition is probably 7/10, as there is some paint chipping around the wheel edges and bolt holes from weights and installs.

I will not separate the wheels and tires.

The tires are Big O Legacy Tour Plus in 235/70R/15. They have around 1/8 inch of tread left. They're fine in the dry, but can be a little squirrelly in the wet. Not a ton of tread left, but they are balanced and ready to go.

Included is a basic steel wheel (no tire) that I was using for the spare wheel.

I have matching hubcaps (for manual front hub) trucks, as well as a complete set of lug nuts, for an additional $30/each or $50/both.

All prices are negotiable, let's make a deal!

I have pictures on the craigslist ad. Sorry for the link, but I lost my image hosting and can't do it any other way right now.

I'm not currently working, so I can meet people if need be. I'd rather not go down the hill further than about Folsom, though.

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