Updates from the East. Should change my thread title to 'behind schedule and over budget' <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif" alt="" />

The colt ended up being traded to a great guy on the coast and somehow the raider got worked into the deal and we ended up with a 91 2wd mighty max who's drivetrain to put in Kim's 75 wagon, we'll be removing the 2.4 and 4 speed auto and stuffing it into her 75 colt for modern luxuries of EFI and AC. For the raider I was given a 4D56. So now all my plans have been tossed around. Long story short, white truck gets 4x4 and 4D56 with 4 speed auto and 35's etc.

But first, Johnny B's gen 2 is in my garage for a top end and timing overhaul. once that's done I've got to flush the trans that's currently in the raider, came out of clays truck working but once in my truck it doesnt want to shift in a timely manner. Holds every gear for too long.

V45W - 1999, 3.5 sohc, winter package
L042G- 1987, 2.6 carb, auto - Cylon Raider
A112 - 1973 Galant Wagon - 4G63 Turbo, 5 speed
L023G - 1983, 2.6 carb, 5 speed manual 4WD
L028 - 1983, 4D55 turbo diesel 2WD