Testing the new Kenda Klever 31x10.50x15

Hello 4x4wire. I'm newer to the site than most and decided to finally post somthing.
My project is a 01 sportage 4 door with 257,000 miles. It has a 3inch upyour KIA front lift kit and some 03 hardtop wrangler rear springs. Sway bar delete as well for better articulation.
No bumpers for more clearance. After a full year of torture trying to wheel with stock size all terrains I finally popped for a set of the new Kenda Klever mud tires in 31x10.50x15 mounted on stock KIA wheels for now. I have a set of early 90s f150 wheels that will be swapped later today after I assemble the harbor freight tire machine.
The Kendas cost $608 out the door for 4.
They have a very smooth ride but have performed very well in every terrain. Up here in northern California we have a wide variety of different dirt's and clays and so far I've yet to find a terrain that the kendas don't do well in. I recently went to the snow and had no issues with traction. They do have a tendency to lose grip on a side hill situation where there's some slick mud or ice but I think that issue will be solved when I've got the correct wheel width and have a larger contact patch. These things absolutely rock in the sand and fine creek gravel where I mostly play. Sorry about the unprofessional style review I'll be working on my literary skills as I increase my posting frequency. More pictures and specs on the tires later tonight or tomorrow after some more testing!