Location: North Central Missouri - Moberly/Columbia/Kirksville area

We have an UPYOURKIA.com lifted 1998 KIA Sportage with less than 150K miles for sale. It runs but does have likely serious engine issues. For sale as a parts car. Read on....

Due to the common oil cooler adapter leak which was a slow drip, I tried some stuff "guaranteed" to stop the leak and instead converted the slow drip to a slow run/ooze when running. Before I realized the leak had gotten worse when getting onto the highway as it shifted into overdrive it developed a knock or rattle while driving home from work . I pulled over and found it at least a couple quarts low on oil. I filled it and continued home slowly and easily. Once home I parked it and have not driven it other than to move it in the driveway, since.
It will start and run fine but does have a light rattle or knock in the bottom end. It would probably be ok for a local or "on the farm" driver but not reliable for any long trips or 30 mile daily trips to town and back.

Before the problems, it was my daily driver to and from work about 50 miles a day. the auto trans works great. The 4wd works well. It has a 3.5" UpYourKia.com lift that I installed a couple of years ago. New rear shocks (RAV4 shocks per the lift kit instructions) and the required Jeep coil springs in the rear. It has 235/75-15 tires that are not the best but would pass inspection or would be fine to use for a while. It has a new fuel tank, radiator and starter (all within the past year).
It drove wonderfully before giving up. It has been mechanically maintained very well however previous owners did not seem to appreciate taking care of the body or interior. Headliner and carpet are good but dirty. Body is so-so but does have some "character" and rusted thru spots around the fenders and rockers. Window glass is all good and electric windows all work. Gauges, lights, heat. a/c and all else works pretty well as should so if one wanted an ugly play toy or daily driver and had the motivation to replace the engine, it would need nothing except battery, new tires and engine.

Would like to get $550 since the lift kit including rear springs, shocks, re-alignment and time investment to install cost more than that...not mentioning new fuel tank/pump, starter and radiator....

Interested parties can e-mail me at ac0hd (a-c-numeral zero-h-d) at ARRL dot net.

Thank you-

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