I have an immaculate 95 SR with 100k on it. The leather seats look like they just came from the factory. My problem is I am 6'3" and my knees just about touch the dash even with the seat all the way back. I am considering a bunch of options and I have spend the last day reading hundreds of threads on seat options, but none I have see address some questions I have:

1. I was considering changing to the bouncy seat option... maybe it would give me the added space for my knees with a different track system. BUT, from what I read, the electric leather seats will not match up to the bouncy seat frame. Is it possible to get a cloth seat frame, and have an upholsterer transfer my awesome leather seat material over to a cloth frame, or is that also out of the question?

2. If I cannot use my leather seats on the bouncy seat frame, the other option would be to find another seat to use. I find the arm rests on the Montero seats lacking and would like to find a seat that has a larger fold down armrest. Because the Gen 2 monty's are so narrow, I assume there aren't many seats that will fit that width. I measured 21" wide from side to side of the seats. Can anyone recommend a seat that will fit that space which has a decent arm rest on the center and possibly the outside of the seat? My in-laws have a Lexus 4x4 wagon and those leather seats are awesome, but I am afraid they are too wide, I called them to see the seat width to see if they will fit. It sounds like the 300zx seats are nice, but they don't have armrests.

3. What is the actual difference between the gen 1 & gen 2 bouncy seat frames? I picked up a driver's side at the local wrecking yard, but I am not sure if it the original out of the vehicle as the driver's side was the only one that had the bouncy, the other side was a normal frame.