Hi All,
Seems that I've become the latest victim of a high idle issue on my 1989 3.0L GEN1 eek. There is a wealth of knowledge on these forums regarding this issue, so I have a fair amount of reading ahead of me. After reading through section 14 of the FSM regarding the MPI system I'm developing a plan to troubleshoot.

Issue: At cold-start idle shoots up to ~2200RPM and is steady. Once warm idle is ~1500RPM and steady, no bouncing. I had bounce when first purchased vehicle and cleaning the ISCS seemed to resolve.

Part of my plan involves removing the throttle body for a deeper cleaning and to replace o-rings & gaskets. Aside from these, are there any other maintenance items that anyone would recommend replacing as part of this exercise?

Also, I'm reading that there is potentially a non-serviceable issue with my TB that causes this high idle, is 89 a 1-year-only part for this as well?

Chad Zeilenga
1989 Gen 1 Montero