Just a shout out from Vermont.

I retired from a career in the law and found my self tangled up with the US Postal Service. So I'm learning about being a rural carrier and the first thing that became obvious is that left hand steering vehicles do not play well with rural delivery tasks. I picked up a '93 Mitsu Pajero short wheelbase, right hand steering diesel at an auction in Japan, shipped it on a slow boat to New York and imported it under the 25-year exemption rules. Apart from the six week wait for the boat, it was generally a smooth and painless process.

My Pajero has become a daily driver. I really lucked out with this truck - very well maintained, no rust or signs of abuse, clean as a whistle, and 77,000 km (about 48,000 miles). I think some old lady kept it in a Hokkaido vacation home garage or something. The vehicle feels really solid and nearly everything works well. The electronic fun gauge display (outside temp etc) remains blank and I might have an alternator issue as the batteries can lose their charge over a few days. OTOH I discovered some loose battery cables, so the problem might be that simple.

When it arrived, I gave it 5 new hiking boots - 10.5 inch wide General Grabbers with studs all around. Also replaced both batteries, changed the oil, flushed the cooling system and gave it fresh antifreeze. It runs like a top, although I still need to find a diesel mechanic to give it a proper tuning. I'm tickled and in this particularly brutal Vermont winter, it happily churns its way through snowbanks as needed. So far so good.

I'd like to buy / fabricate a front bumper for a winch. Does anyone recall the spacing between the front frame rails for this generation Pajero / Montero? The blingy factory bull bar is OK but my style involves a little less flash if possible.

Also looking for an oil filter part number available in the States - will ask in the diesel forum. So far I freshened the oil using the old filter but intend to put up a stock of appropriate filters as soon as practicable.

Looking forward to reading more great posts!


"Shut up" she explained.