Hi there, hope everyone is well. I recently got a new set (new to me from a fellow Montero owner) of wheels/tires for my RIG, went with 305/70/16 Toyo Open Country M/T. The torsion bars required a bit of cranking in order to lift the front end around 1.5", along with slight trimming of the bumper corners and a little massaging with a hammer to the inner portions of the wheel wells. Nothing too horrible and you really don't notice it anyway, but of course, that messed with my alignment. So I took it to my local Firestone (I have the lifetime alignment BS) and the truck caster is out on the truck, and as you all know, Gen 2 trucks have no [easy] way to adjust the caster. Is it possible I screwed something up when adjusting the torsion bars? From what I can tell, measuring from the tops of the wheels to the fender arch, the driver side is almost .5" higher than the passenger. I did a bit of searching online and I haven't found a whole lot with regards to screwed up caster on these rigs, do any of you guys have an idea what may be wrong? The truck aligned fine 6-7 months ago on 31's, stock wheels and stock ride height. Ball joints, tie rod ends and pitman arm all all Moog with less than 10k miles on them and while I've done a fair bit of wheeling, nothing has been too abusive.. Hit Cleghorn a couple times, Pilot Rock, a few trips through Holcomb Valley and Big Bear (all SoCal spots). Any suggestions on where to begin would be much appreciated!!

Caster is as follows:
L=3.60 R=2.60

Here's a pic of the Rig on the lift, don't have any better pics as I haven't taken it out with the new shoes yet smile
[Linked Image]

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