Hello! Just a few helpful hints, for when you are using the RockHard RH5010 winch mount plate, designed to fit the factory bumper. Step 1- Remove the splash plate, and the front bumper, not forgetting to unplug the fog lights. Step 2- Tap out the two mounting holes on the winch plate. This will save you a lot of grief later on. Step 3- Test fit the winch plate to your JK, and possibly enlarge the mounting holes on your frame pockets. I had to do this, because my left pocket was down about an eighth of an inch. These are Jeeps, and not Ferraris, so the tolerances aren't perfect. Step 4- I used a X-Bull 13,000 pound remote control winch on mine, and I had to wire it up, before mounting it to the winch plate, because a power wire was on the bottom of the motor. Step 5- Mount your winch fairlead, because after the winch itself is mounted there is very little room, to put on the mounting nuts. Step 6- Prop up the winch plate, with a number of 4x4 pieces, and mount your winch. I did this, because it seemed easier to mount the winch, before dropping the mounting plate into the frame pockets, then having to fight with the mounting nuts on the winch, while working upside down. It was just easier for me. Being 61 years old, I tend to pick my battles, and take the easy way out. Step 7- Gird your loins, and pick up the entire winch plate, and winch assembly, and slide it into your frame pockets. Bolt the winch plate into the frame now. I did not need to move the vacuum pump on my JK, but they say on some of the Jeeps you need to. Step 8- Being that the engineers at Chrysler decided to mount the battery almost up against the passenger firewall, I needed to remove my air cleaner box, to run my power and ground wires. There aren't many winches that give you enough length, when it comes to wires on a JK. I ran my power and ground wires through the far passenger side slot, under the power steering reservoir, under the air cleaner box, along the right side of the engine compartment, and had barely enough wire length to reach the positive post of the battery. Step 9- Do an operational check of your winch, while the bumper is still off. Step 10- Mount your bumper, and plug in your fog lights. Step 11- Mount your splash pan, if you have one. Now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor, and have a cold one.........Best of Luck......Mike

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