Hello all,
I have my trusty, not so trusty 97 4runner with 208k miles. I know first hand how great these vehicles are and what they are capable of. But since I am stuck in 1997 and have no idea how reliable "newer" models are I am asking for your opinion and advice. I found out about a 2011 4runner, Trail model with 44000 miles on it. Haven't seen it up close or driven it but the photos look pretty nice. One owner. Clean Carfax except that 5 years ago it shows it had an accident on drivers side. Not sure to what extent. I figure its been driven for 5 years and looks good so it may have been a door replacement. I hate body filler.
Asking price is $21,000 which is in line with Kelly Blue Book pricing.
Since I am out of touch with newer models, is there anything I need to look out for on this one? Any weird engine or transmission issues? (4.0 liter V6).
I noticed that it has the console shifter for 4wd like my 97 which I prefer over the newer, newer ones that I saw have electronic shift. Any insight on this model, good or bad will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!