On my 1989 2 door v6 automatic there are only 8 body mount points requiring the body lift spacers & longer bolts.

There is also a separate "safety" retaining ring and bolt in the front part of the left and right rear wheel wells. You'll need to remove the bolt. You may want to re-locate & continue to use the mounts. Do keep in mind that many mitsu monteros & raiders don't have them (Gen I 4 cylinder models, gen II montero's, etc.). In fact, I believe only the 89 & 90 v6 montero's have them. I don't believe the 91 v6 has them.

I suspect (although I have no proof either way) that this was a safety measure that Mitsu found it to be un-needed after initially using it. Do what you wish on this but take it all into consideration and don't blame what might happen on Me or 4x4wire.