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Re: Tire and Wheel FAQ [Re: azrain] #385016 03/26/04 04:11 AM
Joined: Nov 2003
Posts: 105
BruceTS Offline
1999 4Runner
2.5" SAW, Total Chaos Long Travel Front / Spider Trax control arms, OME N86 Shocks, 891 Coils rear
Lifted 2.5"
V6 / 5spd / 4.88 / rear e-locker / front air locker
Beadlocked stock 16X7 alloy wheels now measure 16x8
315/75/16LT Goodyear MT/R Radial Tires @ 36PSI X 4 (street), 5-15PSI X 4 (off road)

Fitment Problems: significant rubbing rear lower corner of front fenderwell, had to cut out 1" then reweld seam to give clearance. No rubbing issues in the rear, except for the stock SR5 flare that I needed to cut the lower front part off. Added an 1 1/2" RB BL to help with tire clearance.

On Road: Better than stock handling, highway noise is moderate to high, good high speed (90 mph) handling, with 18 psi @ 60 mph handling was very stable, unlike my stock rims & BFG AT's with 20 psi they were very wobbly.

Off Road: Excellent overall tire off road, at lower pressures conforms to rock surfaces uniformly, sidewalls have no deep cuts or pinches, bead has stayed intact obviously, no significant mud testing.

Overall: Edit*(04/18/04) I'm still surprised on how well they have held up, haven't needed to re-balance them yet. My Initial balancing took 2.70, 4.25, 4.50, & 4.75 oz of lead. Not bad considering my BFG AT's took quite a bit more and several trips back to the shop, before it was done right. I haven't taken them off yet to put my other set of tire for street driving.

06/26/04; Don't drive through heavy brush out in the dezert! I ended up poking a branch through the inner sidewall(upper treaded portion) Besides that the tires have held up very well. For the street, I'm still running 36 PSI, for the easier trails 18 PSI, on the rocks 13 PSI, but I may go lower if needed. I was told that at max pressure, they are quieter on the street, I'll test this and give an update.

Update; None of the bolts holding the beadlocks ever came loose, Climbing rocks, 10 to 12 psi worked the best. For gas mileage on the street, I'm running 40 psi, no noticable reduction in noise, but you do feel the bumps more. I can go higher, since the tires are rated for 50 psi, but I'm sure the ride would be even rougher as well. Last few outings have chunked the tires, also lost the front wheel weights, but since I wrote down the amount it was easily replaced. I have yet to re-balance them, still riding smooth at speed.

Last edited by BruceTS; 08/19/04 02:25 AM.
From the Off-Road World
Re: Tire and Wheel FAQ *DELETED* *DELETED* *DELETED* #385017 04/19/04 03:27 AM
Post deleted by azrain

Re: Tire and Wheel FAQ #385018 04/21/04 04:22 AM
1996 Toyota 4 Runner SR5
2.5" Daystar Coilspacers
3" Tacoma Body Lift
Total of 5.5"
31x12.50 Boggers on 16x10 Weld Stonecrushers
No fitment problems

Re: Tire and Wheel FAQ #385019 08/28/04 09:50 PM
96 Toyota 4Runner 4x4 SR5
SAW's and ATS A-arms 2.5" front
Downey coils and Doetsh-tech shocks rear 2.5-3" rear
285/75/16 BFGoodrich MT KO's
16x7 factory limited 5spoke rims
slight rubbing off road @15 psi
no rubbing on road @ 40psi

Street: They are the best riding MT's I've ever had on-road. Average noise, wearing well so far.

Off-road: Great in mud, average on rocks, no chunking, good wet traction on rocks.

Last edited by Jonathan; 08/28/04 09:53 PM.
Re: Tire and Wheel FAQ #385020 09/02/04 07:39 PM

1996 4Runner SR5 4x4
- 3.4L V6/auto/3.90 gears
- stock 15x7 alloys
- 33/12.5-15 Firestone Destination MTs
- OME HD shocks and coils front and rear
- ATS (Inland Trucks) upper a-arms
- 2" Performance Accessories body lift

An update to my earlier post... I'm now running 33/12.5 MTs with ATS arms.

In the front, the tires rub on the frame rails under full turn and moderate compression (less than full stuff). In the back, tires rub slightly at full stuff, haven't looked to see where they are rubbing though.

On road, noise is moderate for an MT. Grip is good in dry/rain, haven't had them in the snow yet. After about 6k miles, they are showing early signs of wear.

I've only had them off-road a couple of times, but so far they perform great in mud, dirt, rocks, whatever. Have to wait to comment on their durability, but so far, no slices or chunks.

Last edited by jacksonpt; 09/02/04 07:42 PM.
Re: Tire and Wheel FAQ #385021 09/10/04 08:34 PM
Joined: Jun 2004
Posts: 141
Germ Offline
1985 4Runner (new 22RE - whooppeee!)
Marlin Dual case setup
4.88's with ARB's (F/R)
4" Pro-Comp SL
33x12.5x15 Big-O Radial-XT mud
? American Racing aluminum wheels?

Fitment Issues
Regular driving I have no problems what so ever. Will turn lock to lock without any trouble while on the road. Will rub on the inner back fenderwell when suspension is articulated. Need to modify the fenderwell, or do a bit more lift (SL vs. BL...Hmmmm we'll see)

Pavement Characteristics
I've noted some sidewall flex while driving high speed (60-70mph) and taking sharp corners running about 30-32psi (I live in the mountains). Not a big deal, and doesn't cause it to get squirly, but it's something to get used to. Mild to moderate highway noise, but certainly not awfull. I don't need to crank the stereo too much. Great stopping and gripping. Have about 20K miles on them, and can barely see any wear. No cuffing or chunking.

Off-Road Characteristics
Tires handle beautifully. I have yet to get stuck because the tires weren't doing their job. In mud they clear fairly well as long as I keep them spinning. Gravel is a cinch..With lots-o-lugs, they grab and hold well. Crawling rock has not been a problem either. I had a bead separation which led to multiple roll-over on another vehicle due to low pressures, and now I'm a bit leary to take tires down below 15lbs. There is still good side-wall flex and tread wrap. Rubber is somewhat soft and grabs well.

Other considerations
The Big-O tires come with a lifetime (pro-rated) tire repair/replacement guarantee that I have not found with any other company. If I break it, and they can't repair it, I get a new tire. They also do free rotation and balance every 3K miles. Where I live, there are plenty of Big-O shops around if I need one. The price may be a bit more (I think I pain $750 for all 4 mounted and balanced 2 years ago) but to me it's worth it. I would certainly do it again.

Now days, my truck is a toy, and I don't have to daily drive it. I would say 30% street and 70% trail. ( I refuse to trailer my rigs...run-what-ya-brung).

I think the largest size they make is a 35", but could be wrong.

Erik <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did.

85 4Runner, New motor, Dual cases, 4.88's, ARB's (F/R), 4" lift, 33's, Warn M8000#.
Re: Tire and Wheel FAQ [Re: azrain] #385022 11/08/04 12:44 AM
99 reg cab
OME 882's up front (sagging), 3" AAL, 1.5" shackle (also sagging springs) out back
34x10.50 LTB's on 15x7 black series 97 rockcrawler (3.75 BS)

on road: 27 psi, loud, rough ride, flat spots after being parked all night, no rub at full lock (drivers side inner fender gone, pass side inner fender trimed)

off road: 8 psi, great grip on the rocks, havent been in any mud with them yet (dont plan to) definatly a tough tire, though a large nail worked its way in between the lugs and did put a plugable hole in the tire, minor frame rubbing in the rear at full compression(no inner fenders out back either), also minor rubbing on the pinch weld in the front fender but not audible and only noticable because of marks on the tires

just like others have said back spacing is the key here, these 10.5 LTB's stick out from the fender about 1" farther than my street tires with are 32x11.50 on the stock wheels, if i have more backspacing on these wheels theres NO WAY i could run this size tire with the small amount of lift i have


Re: Tire and Wheel FAQ [Re: azrain] #385023 11/30/04 11:54 PM
1997 4Runner
OME 882 front / 891 rear / OME shocks
Lifted 2.0"
V6/5spd/4.10/rear air locker
16x7 black steel Utra rims from Discount Tire
265/75R16 BFG AT's @ 35 psi (street), 15 psi (offroad)

Fitment problems: Rubs front firewall slightly at full compression.

Wheels: No serious problems. Small annoying issue is the center caps stick way out and bend easy.

On Road: Good handling tire. Slightly noisy. Work very well on wet roads and in the snow. Very good wear from the tires.

Off Road: Acceptable in most offroad terrains except mud. These tires have done really well in snowy conditions on slick rock around Moab.

Overall: I really like these tires. These are my daily driver tires and work very well. Offroad they work as good as any other AT tire that I have seen. I only had one major problem, on the Hole in the Rock trail I got a piece of sand stone stuck between the rim and tire and nearly ruined the tire. I think that this was a freak thing and haven't heard of it happening to anyone else. I would recommend this tire for anyone that wants a good daily driver tire and wants drive offroad on the weekends.
Stock 16x7 alloys
265/80R16 Super Swamper TSL Radials @ 40 psi street, 13 psi (yes the size is correct)

Fitment Problems: Rubbing on firewall during full compression. Rubs rear bumper on full compression.

Wheels: Stock wheels. I have found these wheels to be very good for offroading.

On Road: Handling is vague and stopping distances increase. They are very noisy. They do well on wet roads and very good in the snow. I would not recommend going over 75 mph with these. Tire wear is terrible, I will be lucky to 12k out of them. Also, the tireshop told me these tires are a bear to balance.

Off Road: Awesome tire offroad. Obviously they do very well in the mud. Their ability to clean themselves is amazing. They also perform very well in snow and on the rocks. The side lugs work very well for clawing and gaining traction. I've been nothing but impressed with them.

Overall: I can only recommend this tire as an offroad only setup. I only use them for big trips like going to Moab or exploring areas where I need lots of traction. Since they wearout extremely fast I don't recommend as a daily driver tire.


Re: Tire and Wheel FAQ [Re: azrain] #385024 12/19/04 06:11 PM
1990 4Runner
Rancho dual stage torsions & Air Lift spring bladders
Lifted 2.0"
V6 / auto / 4.10 / rear air locker - welded spiders front
Stock 15 X 7 alloy wheels
33 X 9.50 BFG MT Tires @ 36PSI X 4 (street), 6/4PSI (off road)

Fitment Problems - none

Good on - off road handling & overall dual purpose tire

Re: Tire and Wheel FAQ [Re: azrain] #385025 01/03/05 01:01 PM
Joined: Jan 2005
Posts: 178
4mudder Offline
1986 Toyota Hilux surf
1.5" rear lift shackle (eliminates saggy butt)
32x11.5R15 Brigestone MT's on 15x7 Landcruiser wheels
Minor rubbing up front on tight turns and when flexin'
Im on my second set of these tires and they are some of the best MT's around, in my opinion. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />

89 K5 Blazer,TBI 350, 700R4, 6" lift, 40" groundhawgs,3/4 ton 14 bolt rear, 3/4 ton 10 bolt front, 4.88:1 Gears
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