This forum is provided as a service for 4x4wire registered users and 4x4wire is not responsible for transactions that occur between consenting parties. We DO NOT verify sellers or buyers and will not intercede on either the buyer or seller's behalf. All 4x4wire readers should use caution when conducting any private transaction. Private sellers with multiple quantities of the same item, please utilize in the Vendor Forum.

1. Please, abide to the short list of rules:

  • No Group Buys or Commercial Entities - Check out the Vendor/Hot Deals/Group Buy Forum
  • Reference to any auction site is not allowed
  • Referencing auctions by other parties is not allowed
  • Referencing a 3rd party site is not allowed
  • Items are limited to 4x4 or outdoors/camping type of goods
  • Multiple items for sale should be consolidated into one thread
  • Do not undercut a seller's post; start a your own listing if you have something to sell
  • Interested parties should contact the seller and work out a deal; criticizing seller pricing is unacceptable
  • List a price
  • State your general location

Violations will be edited and locked or removed without notice.
Transactions must be in accordance with all State and Federal Laws as they apply

2. How should I format my posts?
The layout of your post is open for you to decide.
If you don't know what to include, here are some suggestions:
a. Include info on origin of part; year, make, model
b. List a brief description of part
c. Post a picture, if possible
d. Netiquette; keep sig lines to a minimum
e. Don't include your life history; get to the point <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/notooth.gif" alt="" />
UBB code will help with formatting.

3. I don't frequent the For Sale section much. What if someone replies instead of emailing or sending a private messaged to inquire?There is the Add this thread to my favorites. feature. Check it and you will recieve an email whenever there is a public reply.

4. How do I get the item(s) to the buyer? I don't know which carrier to use.

Work it out with the buyer on which service to use.

Shipping options (in random order):

[*]United Parcel Service
[*]Federal Express
[*]United States Postal Service
[*]Airborne Express
[*]Forward Air *
[*]Amtrak Mail & Express **

* Forward Air is best for shipping large, heavy items such as transmissions and complete axles. They are the least expensive method but the catch is that items go from hub-to-hub and not to your door.
** Like Forward Air, best for large, heavy items.

5. I am interested in advertising my business at 4x4wire, how can I find more info?

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