At the heart of the 4x4Wire forums is trust and community. Unfortunately, some people choose to exploit this to rip off others. This thread will permanently remain at the top of the forum to publicly list those sellers who have been unequivocally identified as rip-off artists, in the hope any others with the same idea elect not to; and to spare unwitting buyers from dealing with these people. It's our hope this list remains extremely short.

FYI, 4x4Wire does not assume liability from transactions made through our forums! Buyer beware! We also will not get involved in transactions. But in extreme cases, we will work with the buyer to identify and expose those who violate the trust and community.


Screen Name: firemedic
Real Name: Jeff Greenwood
Location: Clearwater, Florida


Screen Name: coletrain777
Real Name: Cole & Jeana Calloway Hodson
881 S Columbia St
Centralia, MO 65240-1478
Phone (573) 682-5699 last known; disconnected

Screen Name: vr4
Real Name: Steven Garrard
3621 NW131st. st
Vancouver, WA 98685
Cell: 360-823-8334

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