Welcome to the Mitsubishi Technical Forum. BEFORE you post, take a few minutes to read the linked documents below. There is a close-knit community here, waiting to help you, but they'll be much more willing to do so if you invest a little bit of time to get to know our "system" a little, first.

#1 Out of respect for our "senior" members, read the search guidelines and perform a search before posting Questions. Many of these questions have been answered dozens of times. No question is a dumb question, and sometimes something new can be brought to the table, but at least take the time to see if your answer is already out there...

EDIT: here's a Forum Post on how to use google search on the 4x4wire forum in case you find the forum's search function difficult.

#2 If you really want an informed and well-thought answer to your question, PLEASE attempt to follow the conventions of spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. We do not speak in #'s and symbols here, so no L337speak please. To make a reader wade through a full paragraph with no punctuation and frequent spelling errors is taking their help for granted.

#3 Title your Post Appropriately. If you have a specific question, put the specifics in your title. A good example would be: Gen 2 3.5 ltr Crank bolt problems,OR My Gen1 is smoking after start up. A poor example would be Help me please my truck Sux!! OR "Transmission"

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