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Re: D.O.A. or LC Engine [Re: bigStinger] #773385 12/20/06 02:22 AM
Joined: Aug 2004
Posts: 202
rednekbean Offline
oh and my 93 jeep is easier to work on than my 22re... sorry guys! lol

well yeah if its a bloody straight 6 than ofcourse. but you only need five wrenches, a hammer ,and a pry bar to fix just about anything on a yota.

unless you are looking for a massive increase in ponies just stick to head work, i get just under 150 ponies and around 165 torque with nothing but head work and tweaking with the ECU. that is with 4.10 gears as well. i know that 4.88 gears will give a 17-19% increase in torque. so just a though if your bottom end is still going strong.

92' Pick-up, SAS, gears to make her crawl, 37's , bullet proof motor, and alot of time invested.
06 CRF450R one mean roost flinging machine
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Re: D.O.A. or LC Engine [Re: Chunky] #773386 12/20/06 08:05 AM
Joined: Mar 2006
Posts: 74
btn Offline
Getting the Wheeling Fever
Not sure on the others, but avoid Jasper or ATK. My Jasper 22RE has burned well over 1 qt of 20W-50 every 1000 miles since I got it.
It's at about 15k miles now (well past any break-in period) and still doing it. Junk.

Does anyone know if EB builds and ships complete longblock 22res? Honestly, I have decided that I may just go straight Toyota factory if I replace this Jasper. Expensive as hell but the thing will be set up right with the right parts.

1989 reg cab pickup, 22re, 31s, 4.56s, rear ARB, rear OME springs, RS9000s, otherwise stock.

Re: D.O.A. or LC Engine [Re: btn] #773387 12/20/06 12:01 PM
Joined: Apr 2005
Posts: 127
bigStinger Offline
last I heard it wasn't like you could call up and order one. I think you had to beg him or Todd, his son to do it. I think shipping was an issue, so if you are west coast you are better off.

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all stock except for 4.88s...
Re: D.O.A. or LC Engine [Re: btn] #773388 12/21/06 02:36 AM
Joined: Apr 2005
Posts: 525
yodta Offline
Rock Warrior
I've had great results out of my Jasper, and it's been in for just over 3 years now.

personally though, I'd steer clear of DOA. let's just say I had a less than stellar experience with Mr. Tim Jenkins.

my first choice would be EB if they can build you a longblock; they weren't doing them at the time I needed an engine, so I got the Jasper instead.

block geometry is very important. I think the comment above about a block being good until there's a hole in it was a joke, but you never know. I happen to know first hand that this is not the case. do a search on this board for quench and you'll pull up an old EB post.

msg - '87 xtracab
Re: D.O.A. or LC Engine [Re: bigStinger] #773389 12/21/06 03:39 AM
Joined: Jun 2003
Posts: 3,576
engnbldr Offline
Roll Me Over
last I heard it wasn't like you could call up and order one. I think you had to beg him or Todd, his son to do it. I think shipping was an issue, so if you are west coast you are better off.

>>>*That's pretty close, Tod is now in the shop by himself and I got just plain old. Shipping does cost, then the core problem is the other concern. We just can't buy them locally in enough volume to get anything going.

Tod built around 20 last year all told, most actually shipped him the cores for custom work.

*Dang that's expensive with the round trip shipping.

I did train and license one local engine rebuilder to supply our StreetRV long block, but they have the same shipping cost problems.

If I could just find a source of brand new blocks we can get something going. That is the bottleneck right now....*EB

*Beats the he** outa me!....*LOL**...
Re: D.O.A. or LC Engine [Re: Chunky] #773390 12/21/06 04:27 AM
Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 200
Pappy Offline
I have a 6+ year old DOA in my 4Runner. No problems, no complaints. Way better than what was in there originally. Motor purred right along this last summer towing a trialer with another motor (2FE from Land Cruiser) for Tim to work over. That was from New Mexico to NC. I also had a DOA head on another truck that I sold a few years ago. Tim knows what he's doing.

My first hand .02

Re: D.O.A. or LC Engine [Re: Pappy] #773391 12/21/06 05:10 AM
Joined: Oct 2000
Posts: 669
dcg9381 Offline
Rock Warrior
My experience with DOA on the 22R-series has been good to this point. Any issues that have come up have been taken care of promptly.. Same deal with engnbldr.. Which vendor you go with depends on what your power goals are, how deep your wallet is, and basically what the net is after you've read all the back and forth.

I prefer DOA to LC for one main reason: with DOA I deal with the same guy. He knows what I'm working on, he knows what he sold me, and I can reach him if I have issues.


1988 4Runner
22RTE core, turbocharged, megasquirted...
Re: D.O.A. or LC Engine [Re: dcg9381] #773392 12/21/06 03:13 PM
Joined: Apr 2005
Posts: 525
yodta Offline
Rock Warrior
you guys appear to have had the exact opposite experience that I had with Tim. I spent $1100 on a racing head that was supposed to come in a new Toyota head casting and be beautifully ported & polished and have a 5 angle valve job and stainless steel valves and new cam with heavy duty springs.

he took my money promptly, but wouldn't return any phone calls. finally 3 weeks later the unit arrived. it shipped to me loosely packed in a plastic bag in a box full of styrofoam peanuts, and some of the edges were badly dinged up and flattened upon arrival. it had stock valves; they were not stainless steel, so I had to wonder about the rest of the build. I'm not sure that the 5 angle valve machine work was even performed.

during the whole process, I couldn't seem to catch him on the phone to answer any of my tuning questions or concerns, and he never returned my phone calls. bear in mind this is after cashing an $1100 check, so it wasn't like I was just bugging him; I was a client. I finally ended up with three vague four liner responses to concise but thorough email questions I'd sent him. he was no help in my tuning questions.

never again with DOA. I'm glad you guys had better luck. from that point on, I've only dealt with LC on the smaller stuff I've needed. anything bigger, and it would be EB. I mean jeez, you just can't shut Ted up sometimes! hahaha smile

Last edited by yodta; 12/22/06 05:36 AM.

msg - '87 xtracab
Re: D.O.A. or LC Engine [Re: yodta] #773393 12/22/06 02:13 AM
Joined: Jun 2003
Posts: 3,576
engnbldr Offline
Roll Me Over
anything bigger, and it would be EB. I mean jeez, you just can't shut Ted up sometimes! hahaha smile

>>>*K...I heard that! What you talking about, I am a man of few words, I just repeats them a lot...*LOL**..

On the other subject, I have spoken with Tim from DOA on the phone and via email, I like him.

I think he is getting some bad raps, because my own experience with his workmanship is, I was impressed. I know ports, I understand airflow and the why and when of it, after 40 years of learning I did pick up a few pointers.

A man who runs a one man shop can be hard to reach via phone, time becomes a precious thing. The same is true for emails.

I have an advantage in that respect because I don't go anywhere near the shop unless I have to. My son Tod runs the engine shop, a one man operation because he got tired of doing things over. But that limits his time, too, so like many, he hates telephones. Were I not his Dad, he wouldn't answer it unless his hands were free, (and I have caught him with the phone off the hook more than once when he is in a critical fitting situation)

So I have time to chat, to visit, to answer emails. Combine that with me being one of those that can only sleep 5 hours each day, I have more time than most, so I am online often when the world around me is asleep.

I could just stop because I do have enough, but being online from 6 AM until 10 PM 7 days a week...simply keeps me alive and going. A trip to Reno means we send a computer, a database, a printer ahead to set up in the room. A trip to the coast means we take a system and printer, dialup there but online.

Very few shops, very few in business can do that. So folks should understand that when dealing with any business online or from a distance.

Still, I think some of the negative comments may be misunderstandings as I only have personal knowledge of just one, a 3VZE that I did not agree with the way the valves were set in. But even that is no big deal, I can't get my WIFE to agree with me most of the time.

Still, a bright young man came up with an idea to correct a geometry problem in a way I never even thought of.

Kudos for that, Kudos for trying. Which means I would LOVE to get Tim into a friendly pool game (just $5-$10 stuff...*giggle..) so I could pick his bright young brain for ideas.

Many engines get other modifications, it becomes impossible for a builder to predict results. I see posts about some of my own products mentioning little if any results, yet we documented the results on a bone stock workhorse engine over and over.

What can I say when this happens, other than try to satisfy the customer, try to help? That advantage I have of time pops up, and is likely the real difference.

It's all any of us can do, especially when the vehicle may well be many thousands of miles away and out of our control.

I happen to KNOW that Tim is an exceptional machinist, and has some good very ideas. It is always best to try an email or phone call, realize with a one man shop time matters, so responses will take longer than with some retired old coot like me that is sitting here waiting for the email to recycle.

Note that the truth is that very few online merchants can respond quickly, in fact, I will bet you will find that most larger websites don't even post an email or phone number.

Instead, you get a "contact us" form with all the little lines to fill in.

Time for some peace, Merry Christmas to all and a prosperous New Year!

Ted, Le', and Tod.

*Beats the he** outa me!....*LOL**...
Re: D.O.A. or LC Engine [Re: engnbldr] #773394 12/22/06 02:42 AM
Joined: Apr 2005
Posts: 525
yodta Offline
Rock Warrior
Well Ted, I'm humbled and somewhat embarrassed by your sticking up and vouching for Tim, because I have the utmost respect for you as a person (read: elder) and as an all too modest expert on the 22R. humbled more over given all the positive returns on his workmanship in this thread. heck, that's the reason I went to him in the first place! I am not the type to speak badly about an experience without sufficient reason. I understand that people like to complain about things just for the sake of making noise. rest assured this was not such a case. All I can say is a little communication goes a long way. One man shop or not, customer service is customer service.

yeah yeah, Peace, Love & Happiness to all.

msg - '87 xtracab
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