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Another HG question.......I know! #871122 02/24/08 08:40 PM
Joined: Feb 2008
Posts: 86
Cochip Offline OP
Getting the Wheeling Fever
Hey all. Got a potential problem and I'm not sure of my best course of action. If got a '94 4X4 Toy with approx 160,000k on the odo with one HG rebuild done on it six or so years ago. Now when I had it last done at a shop I had the gent drop in a dual timing kit setup from LC which included a new H20 pump, oil pump and of course a dual row timing chain. Oh yeah also had him put in a slightly upgraded cam. I believe I recall something about taking it back in after a short bit to have him either snug up the head bolts or dial in the valves. Hell could have been both for all I know! Anywho the truck has run strong since, no issues what so ever, with no incidents of overheating. Only thing that has been a bear lately is a leak somewhere on the front of the motor which is managing to dirty up everything located in the front of the motor. Couple nights back I noticed ever so slight of an increase in the temp gauge, lasted all of two seconds, then it was back to it's normal reading. Well me being paranoid I pulled right over and checked the oil. Dipstick was low but okay.....the cap had just one small spot of creamy residue on the inside of it. BTW the overflow for the antifreeze was low. My experience says HG is failing, but the temp is good, no power loss and after driving it again I only noted another small spot on the inside of the cap. It's been real cold here so I'm always seeing a fair amount of exhaust, no way to tell if it's getting worse. I can't afford to rebuild this motor so I'm looking for options.

1. If it's a small leak will a product like K&W Permanent Metallic Block Seal get me by until I can afford it?

2. Could it be something other then the HG. (Because there was no past overheating probs)

3. Could I get away with retorking the head bolts?

4. Off topic....Where the hell could that oil in the front of the motor be coming from? <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> (Happening long before the recent issue)

Sorry for the long post, been reading older post but nothing directly applies. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/sleeping.gif" alt="" />

Last edited by Cochip; 02/24/08 09:00 PM.
From the Off-Road World
Re: Another HG question.......I know! [Re: Cochip] #871123 02/24/08 10:23 PM
Joined: Jun 2005
Posts: 52
Getting the Wheeling Fever
when a headgasket goes. it goes all at once, no pre warning, it blow, it blows. the leak from the from is proberly the water pump weep hole.or that hose that cools the injector intake

Re: Another HG question.......I know! [Re: BROWNBAGG] #871124 02/25/08 12:54 AM
Joined: Dec 2004
Posts: 159
Whizkidder Offline
I disagree. I once had a headgasket on a 1990 Alfa-Romeo seep into a cylinder for more than six months. I was stationed in Naples, Italy at the time, and was able to limp it along until the Army sent me back to the states. I think I slowed it down by dumping block sealer in the coolant every month or so. I just dropped the car off to be scrapped on my way to the airport.

Toward the end, she got a bit harder to start, idled rough, and missed on the offending cylinder off and on, but she would still do over 180 KPH (100mph +) on the autostrada! I started out pouring about a quart of water in the radiator each week, and by the end, I was putting in almost a gallon a day. Beats the hell out of me why she never hydro-locked -- she must have taken to stopping with the piston always up in the bad cylinder. I never did see any tell tale steam out of the exhaust, but could smell the sweet smell of HG disaster out the tailpipe while it still had some glycol left in the coolant.

Brings back some great memories -- the car had tire donuts on both sides, and plenty of different colored paint marks on the original white body. Anyone who has ever spent any time driving around and through Naples Italy (sorta like NASCAR at Darlington) will understand completely!

Re: Another HG question.......I know! [Re: BROWNBAGG] #871125 02/25/08 05:29 AM
Joined: Feb 2008
Posts: 86
Cochip Offline OP
Getting the Wheeling Fever
So with that said would the K&W block sealer work? I've read up a bit and most say it works great, but there are some that say only use it as a last resort.

Re: Another HG question.......I know! [Re: Cochip] #871126 02/25/08 06:54 AM
Joined: Aug 2004
Posts: 202
rednekbean Offline
Could be condensation build up inside the valve cover would cause a small spot. Is it water that is leaking or is it oil? The timing covers are kinda hard to keep from leaking oil, the biggest diffrence there is what was used as a gasket sealer. The tell all test i do for a blown head is i leave the radiator cap off and start the engine, if it shoots out the top like a fountain thats a blown head. It is normal for it to flow over very gently as the water pump is turning so it pushes the water, that usually happens when the radiator is plum full too.
If you have a compresion tester cheak for leak down across all four cylinders.
For the temp spike when was the last time you changed the t-stat? Should have done that when you flushed and replaced the coolant, which i do begging of summer and before the first freeze. I usually run a 192 t-stat. When i flush the system i run water through the rad seperate, through the block seperate, and also throughte the heater core seperate, that is a step alot of people dont do and i have the best heater out of all my buddies.
Be very careful about re-torquing the head bolts, they shouldn't come loose any way, but over torquing can be a bad thing.

92' Pick-up, SAS, gears to make her crawl, 37's , bullet proof motor, and alot of time invested.
06 CRF450R one mean roost flinging machine
Re: Another HG question.......I know! [Re: rednekbean] #871127 02/25/08 09:55 AM
Joined: Feb 2008
Posts: 86
Cochip Offline OP
Getting the Wheeling Fever
I was thinking the same thing about the spot inside the oil cap. Been frosting and thawing here regularly. Don't have the gear to pressure check and honestly don't know how to anyway. I haven't checked to see how the radiator flows, I'll give it a try later today. As far as the oil leak goes I figure that the leak is somewhere along the timing chain cover. But I'm not sure where and even if I did I'm not sure if I want to pull it off to fix it...yet. Guilty on not having changed the t-sat for a while!!! I was thinking that I'm gonna head out and buy me one of those dual valve t-sats that a few folks on here rave about. Seemed to me that the minimal spike in temp was the t-sat not engaging when it should have. Good thing is that the temp only rose ever so slightly and lasted only a couple of seconds. Might just be a conicidence that the temp glitch and this spot inside the oil cap happened to be found at the same time! After looking around I'm gonna forget that I even suggested re-torquing the head bolts....desperation may be setting in!!!

Re: Another HG question.......I know! [Re: Cochip] #871128 02/25/08 03:48 PM
Joined: Dec 2006
Posts: 233
Vanishing_Point Offline
A couple places to check for timing chain cover oil leaks are the cranks seal, oil pump o ring, and where the timing chain cover and head meet.

Re: Another HG question.......I know! [Re: Cochip] #871129 02/25/08 05:32 PM
Joined: Nov 2002
Posts: 268
sdsnowman Offline
bro- you have a blown headgasket- they can leak for thousands of miles before any symptoms show up. And, the symptoms will bedifferent every time because they leak in different spots. You may even have a cracked head (this happened to me recently)
take it to any shop and they can do a very simple test to check for exhaust deposits in your coolant- it will be very inexpensive- or free if you have the repair done there.
ive had so many blown toyota headgaskets.... on different vehicles and engines... if its getting hot and there are no coolant leaks- your blown.

Re: Another HG question.......I know! [Re: sdsnowman] #871130 02/26/08 02:27 AM
Joined: Apr 2000
Posts: 4,230
OOP'S Offline
Roll Me Over
The guy that said they go all at once is giving you bad advice.

The leak is the seal on the crank behind the balancer. Not that hard to fix. Check the lip the surface the seal rides on for a groove. If it is grooved, get a speedy sleeve for it also.

The white spot is more then likely condensation that is the result of cold weather, short runs on the engine not allowing the engine to be run at operating temperature for long enough to burn the condensation out of the engine.

There is no miracle cure in a bottle to stop leaks. They work at first but in the end, they just make a mess of things in your engine, cooling systems, and trannys/t-cases.

David Fritzsche
1990 Ex-Cab V-6,5-speed, with a few mods
04.5 CTD Dodge 2500 Ram--Tow Rig
Roseville, CA

"Serenity through Sobriety"
Re: Another HG question.......I know! [Re: OOP'S] #871131 02/26/08 04:29 AM
Joined: Feb 2008
Posts: 86
Cochip Offline OP
Getting the Wheeling Fever
Your post does bring me a bit of relief about the HG and as much as I hate to ask....where do you think the radiator fluid from the overflow went? I know the level will change depending on the temp of the fluid but there was nothing in there at all. The fluid level in the radiator itself was okay. So will I be able to get to the seal behind the balancer without having to remove the timing chain cover?

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