heu whats up, im a fireman in nj, basic getgo for a motor swap in a kia is i wouldnt really do it. case and point my buddy has a mazda 626 with a sportage head and intake mixed with some forged parts and is turbo'd running consistant 10's. you will see the sportage engine is a beast. a v8 wouldnt fit without pulling the fenders off. however if it were me and i wanted to do something different i would get a 3.8 from a pontiac gtp along with a camaro tranny, change tailhousing to fit a transfer case. then install the gtp or holden supercharger on it. those motors are strong and built as 6 bolt mains. stock lower ends run 11's with everything from upgraded sc parts, turbos, or n2o. it would fit the compartment and give you a torque monster for 4wheelin

1995 nissan maxima se, 5spd short throw, aluminum flywheel and crank pully, stage 3 clutch, custom ported top end, full 2.5 exhaust jdm front end