Monday of last week I was sitting in a line of traffic at a light when I heard a loud BOOM behind me. A second BOOM accompanied the sudden lurch forward of my own car, and s third BOOM resulted in the instant redesign of my hood and front end. So there I was, number three of four in an accordion crash. The old lady in the GMC van that started the festivities got out saying, "Oh, I'm so sorry" (you better be!), "I must have had my foot on the gas instead of the brake" (appearances would suggest it!), "I must have had a senior moment" (then maybe you need to stop driving a two-ton wrecking ball). The seat belt locked tight and my head was supported by the headrest, so I wasn't hurt, but the UAB student in the second car, a gray Neon, was a bit slow getting out of the car. The fourth car, a Ford Escape, just had scratches on the underside of his bumper cover.

So the Sporty is gone, bought by State Farm for $3335, which will cover the down payment on a cherry '01 Hyundai Santa Fe, V6, AWD. A definite move up in the transportation world.

So long, Guys. Been nice talking to y'all.

Paw-paw Don, y'all

Favorite quote: "One need never apologize for exercising the Golden Rule."