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Factory Service Manual download page CLICK HERE
Factory parts software program (CAPS/ASA) download & installation thread CLICK HERE
Vehicle VIN numbers for parts lookups or comparisons using the CAPS or Mitsu ASA program CLICK HERE. Technically this is not a download but it's very useful for the Mitsu ASA program if you don't have a vin number handy.

Specialized Part Number Repository Thread CLICK HERE
Light bulb reference thread CLICK HERE
Post of the most commonly used abbreviations CLICK HERE
1987 2.6L Vacuum diagram (Federal/Canada Model, Auto Transmission, no AC) CLICK HERE
3.0L SOHC 6G72 Specifications CLICK HERE
3.5L DOHC 6G74 Specifications CLICK HERE
Turbo Conversion Bible Thread CLICK HERE
Mitsubishi Transmission Model Designations CLICK HERE
Gen I & Gen II Parts Compatibility Thread CLICK HERE
Gen I Transfer Case Options Thread CLICK HERE
Mitsu super select description & meaning of blinking 4x4 lights CLICK HERE
Ring & Pinion Gear Options CLICK HERE
FM145 (similar to KM145) Manual Transmission internals (Pictures) CLICK HERE
Mitsubishi Owners Map Project (N.Am.) CLICK HERE

Parts Yard Alerts CLICK HERE
Bolt Size thread CLICK HERE

Brake Specs (All Models) thread CLICK HERE
Tire Experiences thread CLICK HERE

Gen I IFS Bearing & Seal Part Numbers thread CLICK HERE
Mitsu V6 Temp Sensor Testing Page Image from Factory Manuals CLICK HERE

PART SOURCES: New, Used, OEM, Aftermarket, and/or Upgrade Parts
Used Parts
4x4wire Mitsubishi "Pay It Forward" Thread CLICK HERE
Mitsubishi & Saturn Recycling CLICK HERE
American Nationwide Salvage Yard stock database CLICK HERE
AV-Pro Company (rebuilds ECU's/ECM's): Speak with Nick @ 239-849-0981 CLICK HERE

OEM / Aftermarket Parts
-Rock Auto PartsCLICK HERE
-Korum Mitsubishi CLICK HERE
-Southwest Mitsubishi Parts

Upgrade Parts
-150 Amp Alternator Source: Eagle Auto Electric, T: (818)718 2907 or (818)400 4941, 18246 Parthenia, Northridge, CA 91325
-Japanese Suspension Kits (Speaks some English) CLICK HERE & their Main Page CLICK HERE
-Using Toyota shackles to replace mitsu shackles CLICK HERE

Frank's G-Raider 3.0L Supercharger Project... CLICK HERE
Bob's Rebuild via FrankR CLICK HERE
Ray's 96SR Build thread CLICK HERE
Justice's 89 v6 Montero Build thread CLICK HERE
Phil's 93 Exceed TDI Build thread CLICK HERE

Gen I v6 disk brake calipers to a Gen II SR disk brake calipers CLICK HERE
SAS (Solid Axle Swap) Discussion Thread CLICK HERE
How to run 34" Tires Stock CLICK HERE
Gen I Speedometer Gear Options for Running Larger Than Stock Tires CLICK HERE
Installing 4Crawler.com's 2" Body Lift CLICK HERE
Another Lift Install Thread CLICK HERE
Swapping a Gen II SR axle into an 89 2 door v6 Montero/Raider CLICK HERE
Cap510 3.15:1 Transfer Case Installation CLICK HERE
Window Regulator Motor Gear Rebuild CLICK HERE
Gen II Flashing 4WD indicator lights CLICK HERE
To learn how to install Superwinch Manual Hubs CLICK HERE
How to install an Aussie Locker CLICK HERE
Winch Install Examples CLICK HERE
How to add rubber fender flares CLICK HERE

How to check ECU codes in a pre OBDII Mitsu 4x4 CLICK HERE
Troubleshooting super select 4x4 indicator problems CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE
PCC's Thread on how he troubleshoot is 92 Montero's 4wd indicator light problem CLICK HERE
Where to get Aisin Manual Hub parts CLICK HERE
How to disable the dealer installed Gen 2.5 (98-00) vehicle immobilizer alarm system CLICK HERE
Crankshaft Removal Tool CLICK HERE
To learn how to replace the Automatic Transmission Fluid in a Montero CLICK HERE
Working on the Starter by 4ePikanini CLICK HERE
Brake Light Staying Lit? CLICK HERE
How to fix a broken Crank Pulley Bolt CLICK HERE
Different Ways to loosen/tighten a crank bolt w/out a special tool. CLICK HERE
How to fix worn or Torn Inner CV Boots CLICK HERE
How to fix Flashing 4x4 lights CLICK HERE
How to fix Ticking V6 Lifter ticks CLICK HERE
How to fix the V6 Crank Bolt issue CLICK HERE
How to replace Anti-Sway Bar Bushings CLICK HERE
How to replace your Ignition Switch CLICK HERE
Possible Poor Idle fix (Gen I '89 V6) CLICK HERE
Replacing your front wheel bearings and races CLICK HERE
Rebuilding your front end CLICK HERE
Replacing the Transmission Fluid in a Gen III Montero [http://www.4x4wire.com/forums/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=1240537&Main=1240532]CLICK HERE[/url]
How to open the rear cargo door with a broken handle and replace it. CLICK HERE
Retrofitting a 1991 Montero Cruise Control into any Gen I Montero/Raider CLICK HERE

Using Google to search 4x4Wire
In case you're having difficulty searching for things using the forum's search engine, you can also use google to do the search. Here's a post on how to do just that.