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quick 4 door question.

Posted By: DEFBOY35

quick 4 door question. - 07/30/07 01:41 AM

hi, i am asking for my neighbour who just bought a new 4 door wrangler.

i am pretty sure that it is just the runoff from her air conditioning, but want to make sure. it looks like there is a leak from right in front of her transmission drain plug i looked up under neath and there is a spot just above the transmission where there is a clear fluid dripping out at a reasonably fast rate. there is a small uncapped tube there from the body.

I assume this is the drain for the a/c?

let me know if this sounds rite.

Posted By: BigJim

Re: quick 4 door question. - 07/30/07 03:27 AM

The only liquid that is clear in a modern vehicle is condensation! Some might come from the tail pipe and what you are looking at is A/C condensation.
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Posted By: playinmud

Re: quick 4 door question. - 07/30/07 05:36 AM

follow the tube it should come out of the firewall by all of the air condition lines, ill try to look for a picture of it

it should look a little something like this, this is one on a TJ
[Linked Image]
Posted By: DEFBOY35

Re: quick 4 door question. - 07/30/07 05:47 AM

thank you guys, thats what i thought it was. just making sure as every vehicle i have driven with a/c the condensation is always let off near the front of the vehicle.
Posted By: playinmud

Re: quick 4 door question. - 07/30/07 05:52 AM

every car ive seen lets it out behind the passenger front tire, which is where the tube should exit from the firewall, few jeeps have a problem with that tube being clogged or crimped and the AC will actually drain onto the passenger floor
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