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wheels to fit 2010 jeep patriot

Posted By: lupacexi

wheels to fit 2010 jeep patriot - 12/13/18 05:37 PM

anyone know what other wheels will fit 2010 jeep patriot?? thanks..
Posted By: Mike Bondi

Re: wheels to fit 2010 jeep patriot - 09/04/19 03:21 PM

Not knowing the model of your Jeep Patriot, and your specific tastes, it is a little difficult to come up with a wheel and tire combination to suit you. In the states we have a number of different retailers, that will show you pictures online of your vehicle, with the wheels that you pick out. I use a few, but one of the easiest is Discount Tire, whether you choose to purchase from them or not. Once you find the wheel that you like, you can shop around on the net for the best price. Sorry that I couldn't be more help.....Mike
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