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1987 Dodge Raider

Posted By: chiefgb

1987 Dodge Raider - 01/24/12 08:23 PM

Newbie to the board.
I am in the process of getting my hands on a 1987 Dodge Raider.
This history on this Raider is I am getting back the vehicle I purchased new in 1987 in California. I sold the vehicle to my younger brother in 1995. He kept it for a number of years and sold it to my twin brother about 6 years ago. Since that time my brother has rebuilt the motor (2.6L), rebuilt the transmission, put in a new clutch and brakes.
To make the vehicle completely road worthy, It needs a new Carburetor. I understand there is a weber conversion kit available. I want to change out ths current carb with this kit.
Has anyone done this and how hard is it to do?
I also need to replace the Exhaust Manifold. I have heard there is a header that can be purchased for this. Does anyone know what vendor has a header that will fit this vehicle?
The vehicle also needs new tires. It still has the original wheels. I would rather put a larger wheel and tire without having to raise the vehicle. Does anyone have suggestions on this?
Other cosmetic things; The Raider needs a new front windshield, needs a new headliner and has some rust that needs to be repaired on the back corners of the vehicle.
There are minor electrical issues. Dome light does not work, Dash lights are not working..(Could be fuse) and the inclinometer does not work.
Any links to websites to part would be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: Oyaji_Jon

Re: 1987 Dodge Raider - 01/25/12 02:06 AM

Hi Garry. There are very knowledgeable people on this board who can help with your questions. The issue is that your "Dodge" Raider is actually a rebadged Mitsubishi Montero, and all of the aforementioned help hangs out in the Mitsubishi section of this site. Please swing in there and introduce yourself as I'm sure they'll be glad to help.

Mitsubishi Section

Welcome to the Wire!

Posted By: chiefgb

Re: 1987 Dodge Raider - 01/25/12 06:39 AM

Thanks Jon I just did that.
Posted By: Oyaji_Jon

Re: 1987 Dodge Raider - 01/25/12 07:44 AM

No problem, Chief, we're glad you found us!
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