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pic posting problem.....

Posted By: rascott

pic posting problem..... - 05/20/20 02:55 PM

seem to have lost ability to post pictures.
i use photobucket.
is the problem on their end(or mine)?
thnx, richard
Posted By: rascott

Re: pic posting problem..... - 05/21/20 02:04 AM

just update on my picpostin' problem.....
i am able to post pics on another forum.
this makes me think something may have changed here? recently.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: pic posting problem..... - 06/05/20 09:12 PM

i have stopped using photobucket and switched to imgur

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]
Posted By: 4x4Wire

Re: pic posting problem..... - 06/28/20 02:01 AM

You should be able to post either an attached image or a link to an image. I understand Photobucket has been having server issues for some time and I have heard of other that have given up and switched to another server for images.

When you post, look for the "Attachment Manager" which should let you include a file with your post that is hosted by 4x4wire.
Posted By: OldColt

Re: pic posting problem..... - 04/11/21 11:44 AM

I am also finding images missing from my posts. I am linking in from Imgur. The images are in the post when I first post it but are gone when I come back to the post later.
I also find it interesting I can not get in my post to edit it. I have copied and deleted then pasted in a new post which works if I get back before there are any replies.
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