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Posted By: DamKia

Embedded advertising - 01/21/06 02:47 AM

Please reverse your decision to use embedded advertising as most of the word links are TOTALLY inappropriate (ie. washers {links to washers and dryers}, hubs {computer network}, wife {swapping}, couple of bills {highlighted couple to a matchmaking service}, wheels {industrial rubber), rubber {employment professionals in the rubber industry}, and the list goes on...) All found from recent posts in the Kia section within 5 mins (not showing up here as links though)

There is nothing more annoying than poorly targeted advertising. Please keep the site "Clean"
Posted By: Trail_Talk_Admin

Re: Embedded advertising - 01/21/06 03:19 PM

Hi Gary, thanks for making your concern known about this advertising.

4x4Wire is dependent on advertiser revenue to keep the site going, hence the decision to place these new ads.

We are working with the provider of these ads to ensure they generate more content-specific advertisements. We need to let them gather data for several days or a few weeks in order to optimize the content of the ads. If they cannot provide more 4WD or auto related advertisements in our forums, we will pull them.
Posted By: Trail_Talk_Admin

Re: Embedded advertising - 01/22/06 03:07 PM

We have pulled this advertising for the time being.
Posted By: TeamPSI

Re: Embedded advertising - 02/12/06 07:59 PM

I hate to see this site lose any revenue, but THANKS! Those ads were terribly annoying.
Posted By: 52degrees

Re: Embedded advertising - 02/12/06 11:18 PM

I never saw any of the wife swapping links. That's pretty bad.

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