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94 trooper ls

Posted By: nirvroxx

94 trooper ls - 02/10/07 08:19 PM

I found one of these nearby for 1000. Apparently a large tree trunk fell on her and damaged the hood, rear corner of the roof, the windshield, rear passenger door and fender. The guy doesnít want to go thru with the repairs because it is obviously going to cost more then the Trooper is worth....anyway, he says it was in mint condition before and that it still runs great. It has 86,000 original miles( I have double that) and he had the tranny rebuilt 2 weeks ago....hereís my question: would it be worth it to pick this baby up for parts? Is the 3.2 v6 identical with the 3.2 that came in 94 rodeos? How much of the trooper do you guys think I can interchange parts with the rodeo? What would you guys do?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 94 trooper ls - 02/11/07 06:06 AM

Does it have a sunroof. that alone could be worth more a lot of money. I think the 94 LS had leather and power sunroof standard.
Posted By: 94rodeo94trooper

Re: 94 trooper ls - 02/11/07 06:55 PM

the motors are exactly the same probably even a lifter noise
Posted By: nirvroxx

Re: 94 trooper ls - 02/12/07 08:48 PM

Yes it did have a sunroof, but it was shattered by the tree trunk...it does have leather...in very good condition. Iím still not sure I should get this, I have absolutely no room for it and I would have to save up (for a while) to get the engines swapped. I might just have to pass this by. Dammit. I asked if he was willing to part with just the engine, tranny and transfer case, but he refused. Itís all or nothing.
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