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Tire Recomendations......

Posted By: TrooperXS

Tire Recomendations...... - 03/01/07 03:13 PM


1998 with 30k ... Its time for some new tires. Currently there is some form of birdgeston Duellers on it. I was wondering what some of you are running on your Street driven trucks. The Amigo Occasinally gets off the Pavement but not often. It Also Occasionally tows a Samurai. Looking for All terrain or All season Reccomendations. I was thinking Pirelli Scorpion A/T's Or BFG Long Trails.

- Jason
Posted By: BigSwede

Re: Tire Recomendations...... - 03/01/07 03:59 PM

I had Scorpions on my old 99 Trooper, liked 'em.

I tend to lean toward the more aggressive ATs, consider Nitto Terra Grapplers or BFG ATs. Both offer reasonably long life and excellent snow traction and are pretty decent when you get off road.
Posted By: icysyrup

Re: Tire Recomendations...... - 03/01/07 04:21 PM

I have used Toyo Open Country A/T's before I got my MTs and absolutely loved em....they were really good offroad for an A/T tire I found. The Nitto Terra Grapplers are the exact same tread pattern pretty much except thy have a little nicer looking sidewall. I got 45k outta them and they were a 50k tire so I cant complain...cause I wheeled em pretty hard.
Posted By: TrailMystic

Re: Tire Recomendations...... - 03/01/07 04:25 PM

I really miss my Bridgestone Deuler Revo AT's. I am running the Interco TrXus MT's, but I don't like getting 50 miles less per tank of gas. Also, all Interco tires are hard to balance and a little out of round. So, I bought a second set of steel wheels, and I'm going to start running the Revos again, and switch to the TrXus MT's when I go off-road. I love the look of the TrXus tires, and they are great off road and fairly quiet on the road. I am just trying to get the best of both worlds. The Revos are smooth, balanced, quiet, and fairly good off-road. I'm going back to the P rating for the roads, not the LT.

Posted By: Van

Re: Tire Recomendations...... - 03/01/07 04:39 PM

I've been running the BFG long trails for the last 3 years.
The guy I bought the truck off of told me he had put alot of miles on them and I would "probably" only get another 15-20,000 miles out of them... well, more than 30,000 miles later, they still don't look like they've worn at all. Excellent in the rain, above highway speeds, quiet and does well in the snow.

Now, for a few dollars more, I would go (and will be) for the BFG all terrain t/a ko for my on street tires.
They're "slightly" more aggresive.

Hey, I'll sell ya my 4 long trails and even deliver them close to Columbus. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Van <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/patriot.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Sc0rp10n

Re: Tire Recomendations...... - 03/01/07 05:51 PM

I vote ProComp AT's.

Have an aggressive tread pattern, 50K warranty, and a lot of places this time of year have buy 3 get one free deals.

Good Luck <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: holger

Re: Tire Recomendations...... - 03/02/07 02:45 AM

Now I have Duelers AT Revo, they are good tires. But I miss my previous Dunlop RVXTs I had on my Rodeo.

Dunlops were better in every department than the Duelers. Unfortunately, Dunlops do not have a good choice for 17" rims, this is why I had to buy the Duelers for the Axiom. If you can find Dunlops RVXT that fit your application, take them.
Posted By: m_a_b

Re: Tire Recomendations...... - 03/02/07 11:51 PM

I have 5 Bridgestone Dueler APT III's (245/75R16) that came off my '99 Amigo that I would sell. They have about 7500 miles on them and have been sitting in my garage for about the last 5 months. They are great road tire that are suitable for mild offroading. PM me if you are interested.
Here is a link: Bridgestone Dueler APT III

You can see the spare here.

here they are "in action"

of course, if you are interested I can take some more photos.

If not, I just put a set of Goodyear Wrangler SilentArmor's on my wife's Montero and they are great. They are slightly more aggressive than the Duelers above - almost as aggressive as BFG AT's.
Posted By: nirvroxx

Re: Tire Recomendations...... - 03/03/07 12:49 AM

I have yokohama geolanders II A/T's and they have served me great on road and suprisingly well off-road...great in the rain as well...
Posted By: Mr. Mojo

Re: Tire Recomendations...... - 03/04/07 05:33 AM

This subject comes up every so often and is always like asking someone, "What kind of ice cream do you recommend?" You'll get get passionate, honest answers from everyone but until you taste all the flavors it all boils down to opinions. With that said, I like my Revos and have gotten approx. 50k out of both previous sets. They do great in the snow and wet and are good enough for the types of wheeling I generally do. I also like chocolate ice cream.
Posted By: Ed C

Re: Tire Recomendations...... - 03/07/07 05:42 AM

I've been running Nokian Vatiivas, (LR C) since November '06. I'm very impressed with them. Very nice on dry and wet pavement. Excellent snow and ice traction.

My prior tires were Michelin LTX ATs (also LR C). They were good initially but seemed to harden up as the years went by. That's probably why I got 180,000 miles out of the set of 5 tires over 6 years. At the end, any amount of moisture on the road became dangerous, even though there was still 1/4" tread depth left.

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