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Possibly buying '00 Rodeo - questions about weak/strong points

Posted By: DSHornet

Possibly buying '00 Rodeo - questions about weak/strong points - 09/13/08 06:26 AM

My trusty (sorta kinda) Kia Sportage got totaled in an accordion crash thanks to a woman who can't tell the difference between the accelerator and the brake pedal. I'm looking at a 2000 Rodeo LS 4X2 with 98,000 miles offered by a private owner. It looks GREAT, but I'm ignorant about Isuzus. Got questions:

* What gas mileage should I expect? This is an issue for obvious reasons. I don't plan to tow.
* Does it have an interference engine? What is the typical life of the timing belt?
* I've read on another board that some people have problems with the transmissions - leaks, shifting, etc.
* Are electrical problems common?
* IF I buy it, I'll probably change all the major fluids (oil, coolant, transmission, rear axle) just to know everything is new so I'll have a reference base line. Any suggestions on fluids, such as special specs?

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Posted By: Jonesy

Re: Possibly buying '00 Rodeo - questions about weak/strong points - 09/15/08 11:46 PM

They are pretty reliable.....sounds like a good choice.

Mileage 4x2, my guess is you will average around 18-19mpg with mixed use. Freeway will be 22-24 while city will be 16-17 or so....those are guesses though.

Interference engine...I don't believe so, but not 100% on that.

Timing Belt...I didn't change mine until 100K and it was still ok. I would never really push it much past that. The manual suggests changing at 60K, so see if the previous owner did..if so, I would say 100K after it was done is reasonable.

Trans: Not sure. If it is auto, it has a GM 4L30E trans. Not sure how well these are...they are ok, but do eventually leak and go into limp mode. I would think you have at least another 100K out of it before those problems. I however have a 5spd so I am not all that familiar with them.

Electrical problems aren't very common on these things.

Fluid. really nothing special, since you don't have a xcase all the fluids should be pretty straight forward. Y ou may want to use a 5W-30 Mobil 1 or something simliar...these engines develop a lifter tick...it's nothing to worry about, but a lot of people are freaked by the noise. 5W-30 Mobil 1 has been known to help quiet it some.

Good luck with it if you decide to go that route
Posted By: Geckodude18

Re: Possibly buying '00 Rodeo - questions about weak/strong points - 09/19/08 06:15 PM

I have a 01 rodeo and I get about 19-21 mpg mix driving, that is after I change my spark plugs. Before I was getting 17-18.

From what I have been told if the timing belt brakes your engine will be fine

You need to take care of the transmission. I just got mine replace. Check and change the fluid and don't dive crazy and you should be fine. Also there is no dip stick so you have to go under and check it.

I have not had any electrical problems, so I can't really help you there

A lot of Isuzu like to eat oil. I have been try to cut that down by using sea foam. Put it in your oil and let it run for 15 min. right before you change you oil. I have cut it down from a quart every 600 miles to a quart every 1200. Also I was told to use Shell Rotella 5w-40, it has work vary well so far and it helps clean.

I hope that helps a little, I am still learning stuff.
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