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2004 Rodeo Tail Light Assembly Removal Question

Posted By: Wayne

2004 Rodeo Tail Light Assembly Removal Question - 01/12/15 01:50 AM

Been a long time since I've been here, the links to the board changed.

I have a question that makes me feel like a n00b. I tried google, I tried searching the board, no luck.

I have a 2004 Isuzu Rodeo. My brake light burnt out, I can't figure out how to get the assembly off.

Some internet posts I found (for 90's models) refer to 3 screws; 2 on the side, one on the bottom. I can't find that bottom one by looking from the rear; I think I see where it is but have no idea how to access it.

Please see the pictures. Any help on something this simple is appreciated.

Tail Light pic 1 --- Tail Light pic 2
Posted By: Jim_Paget

Re: 2004 Rodeo Tail Light Assembly Removal Question - 01/12/15 03:07 AM

Wow. It has been a long time.

Have you checked to see if the screw is accessed from inside the vehicle behind the panel? My dim memory is that this was a common method of attaching tail light lenses for Isuzu.
Posted By: Wayne

Re: 2004 Rodeo Tail Light Assembly Removal Question - 01/12/15 05:49 PM

I looked and didn't see any access from inside the vehicle (behind where the jack is).

Unless I have to go completely into the underbody and reach back around, but that seems crazy.

It seems odd to me that the small white piece moves out with the light assembly. That would imply you have to paint it to match each car color. Maybe age and dirt have stuck them together?

It's sounding like a trip to the dealer. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> Hopefully they'll have mercy and just have the mechanic show me.

Yes, it's been so long the signature file went from 100 characters to 300; I had to squeeze my signature in. Now my vehicle updated from 54k to to 75k miles. Having two motorcycles keeps the Rodeo mileage low.
Posted By: Wayne

Re: 2004 Rodeo Tail Light Assembly Removal Question - 01/17/15 11:52 PM

I went to the dealer and got the tail light changed. I hate when people post questions and never come back with answers, or just put "I solved it" but don't tell you how. So I came back.

The Saturday had the #2 Isuzu mechanic, he'd only been there 6 years. He had never seen a tail light removed in all that time. He was likewise baffled that it wasn't coming out.

We removed 3 of 4 points (2 screws, one plastic tab) holding the rear driver's lens in. From inside the car, we removed jack, looked inside, and were unable to figure out why it wouldn't let go. You could feel a plastic receiver, but not well enough to know if there was a screw or a tab inside.

The mechanic was certain it was not a lower screw, but instead a tab and said they had a tool to try and pop it out; it's long and has a "V" shape on the end to get around tabs and give a little leverage.

But he didn't get that tool. Instead, he was about 5'4" with small hands. He reached into the gap and was able to unscrew the bulb assembly and pull it out of the lens.

So I don't have an answer how to get the lens assembly off, but at least if you have someone small and thin around, there is a way to get the bulb out.
Posted By: Wayne

Re: 2004 Rodeo Tail Light Assembly Removal Question - 02/01/15 08:49 PM

In case anyone stumbles on this with a search engine, I'll list the cross-post to Planet Isuzoo so they know there's other resources out there for Isuzu questions.

2004 Rodeo Tail Light Assembly Removal Question
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