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new to the isuzu world

Posted By: 87trooperii

new to the isuzu world - 07/16/15 09:14 PM

hey guys, I have recently decided to start a new truck build. I have built a couple samurai's and geo trackers before this Isuzu.

I was given a 1987 5 speed manual Isuzu trooper ii, 2 door wit ha long box by my father in law. best part is I have a complete parts truck that's rust free .

only thing is I cant find any aftermarket parts. was just wondering if anyone knows of anybody that makes or will make aftermarket snorkels , bumpers and such. I can fab the bumper if need be but snorkels are a little out of my comfort zone. as I hate working with plastic.

thanks guys, I will post some photos of my star
ting point later
Posted By: Jim_Paget

Re: new to the isuzu world - 07/20/15 12:17 AM

I would check in on a company called Independent 4x. Matt Brown is the owner and they are the last supplier that I know of who deals with Isuzu stuff. I don't remember any commercial suppliers of snorkels. There were some plans around several years ago for making your own. I don't know if anything is still on the internet or not.
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