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Hello, Trooper owner from TN

Posted By: ISMarco

Hello, Trooper owner from TN - 07/30/15 03:00 AM


I am a new 91 Isuzu Trooper owner from TN.

I used to have a 97 Rodeo, and it was great for getting me around and cost me little to nothing to maintain. I've always liked the 1st gen Troopers and finally got my hands on one. smile

It's a V6 5spd with stock size tires & a recently rebuilt engine, but feels awfully slow, especially under ~3k rpm and in 4th or 5th gear. I know I shouldn't be expecting much but it is a little disappointing.

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Posted By: Jim_Paget

Re: Hello, Trooper owner from TN - 07/30/15 02:40 PM

First welcome.

The 2.8 V6 only is rated for a couple of horsepower more than the 4 cylinder. It is too bad that the prior owner had the 2.8 rebuilt as he probably could have had a 3.4 put in for about the same money.

I had a '91 also. I had replaced the 2.8 with the 3.4 and it made a world of difference. There are some things that can be done to the 2.8, but the gains are relatively minor.

The engine I your Rodeo was a whole different beast. Also, your Rodeo weighed less and had a much smaller frontal area.
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