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Isuzu made the news (Jade Helm / Backfire)

Posted By: Wayne

Isuzu made the news (Jade Helm / Backfire) - 08/06/15 08:13 PM

Soldiers participating in a training exercise on a Mississippi military base heard noises they believed were gunshots around the fringes of Camp Shelby.

The detained 61-year-old Baria told authorities that it wasn't gunshots at all, just the backfiring of his battered Isuzu. That's a story backed up by his son. Alfred Baria Jr. said his dad's pickup backfires loudly every time someone shifts gears and steps on the gas.

Posted By: 4x4Wire

Re: Isuzu made the news (Jade Helm / Backfire) - 08/11/15 04:15 PM

It happened off base, on a public road, no shell casings were reported, no one reported a close encounter with a high speed lead object....

Complete overreaction by local authorities and military.
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