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4x4 vs. locked rear...

Posted By: 93xtra

4x4 vs. locked rear... - 02/20/09 10:55 PM

Hey all...I need to sell my 93 and I am looking at newer quad cab Tacomas. I live in FL and occasionally get into areas when I need 4x4...when I visit OH and CO and local hunting areas. I am looking at either Prerunners with the locking rear or a 4x4. Mileage and cost of maintenance have me wondering if I need the 4x4 and thinking about going with the 2x4... will I regret it? Can I get most places with the locked 2x4? What about snow? Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
Posted By: Vanishing_Point

Re: 4x4 vs. locked rear... - 02/21/09 03:44 AM

A locked rear isn't as good as four wheel drive. You can get through quite a bit though. On snowy roads it can be hard to keep it pointed straight and avoid spinning out around corners.
Posted By: Snowtoy

Re: 4x4 vs. locked rear... - 02/21/09 07:45 AM


Also, not only do you give up the benefit of 4wd, you will also give up the low range gearing, which I tend to use more in my DD than 4wd, now that I have a second rig for the trail.

While a locked rear w/a 2wd will give you added traction off road, w/o low range and a drive tire up front, you will have to hit everything at speed, which will likely lead to having to repair front suspension components more often than you do w/the 4x4.

I think one tow/recovery bill/yr would cost you a lot more than the money you would save in the lower fuel and maintenance costs of a 2wd than those of a 4wd. of a operating a 2wd o
Posted By: 93xtra

Re: 4x4 vs. locked rear... - 02/21/09 01:17 PM

Thanks all! I have only had 4 wheel drive...have heard guys say that they can go almost anywhere with a locked rear diff in a 2wd vehicle. You bring up good points and I think I will stick with a 4x4...
Posted By: grandeyota

Re: 4x4 vs. locked rear... - 02/23/09 02:50 PM

If you are going to be running any water offroad I don't think the e-locker setup likes that stuff. I just remember looking at the motor thinking what the FL mud would do to it sitting as low as it does.

4x4 works better than a locked 2wd in sugar sand trails as well. In 2wd even locked you will be running higher rpm since the front tires are plowing and it heats up the engine if you are going any real distance. If you have any cooling issues that will bring it out for sure.

That said, I've been on some trails near orlando and I don't think you'd have many problems, just stay away from the nasty part of the trails <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />
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