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needs work

Posted By: chpfx

needs work - 06/02/10 09:17 PM

Hey guys, My clutch is in dire need of replacing as well as my timimng chain. Problem is I'm tdy Charleston,SC. I know no-one nor where to fix with out spending a fortune also I need truck for transportation daily. Is it possible to get help from a fellow member of a club or truck enth?
Posted By: kewlynx

Re: needs work - 06/04/10 03:51 AM


If you're TDY down at Charleston, check at the AFB or the naval station to see if they have an auto hobby/skills shop. The AFB should have one for sure. Staffers should be able to give you a hand with the grunt stuff if they're worth a hang.

Good thing there's a few military people on this board, or no one would know what the heck TDY meant.

What the heck does 'enth' mean?
Posted By: Davepet

Re: needs work - 06/07/10 08:29 AM

What the heck does 'enth' mean?

Probably shorthand for "enthusiast"
Posted By: chpfx

Re: needs work - 06/07/10 03:30 PM

Yea it is short for enthusiast. Thanks for the help. I ran into a parking lo full of car and truck guys just hanging out sat. night they gave a few numbers one turns out to be the "toyota guru" in these parts. Just don't have the time to do it myself while here.I'm going to try to drop by today, maybe I can work out a deal.
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