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3VZE Motor Mount Longevity

Posted By: code33

3VZE Motor Mount Longevity - 06/29/12 01:31 AM

Is there one side that tends to fail sooner or more often than the other with this motor? If so, which side?
Posted By: 4Crawler

Re: 3VZE Motor Mount Longevity - 06/29/12 05:02 AM

I think the passenger side fails as that is the side that resists most of the drive train torque when going forward. Usually helps to wrap a chain around the mounts to keep them from pulling apart and then they'll last a very long time as you never stretch the rubber too far:
- http://www.4crawler.com/4x4/CheapTricks/MotorMount.shtml

[Linked Image]

And yes, I know there are ground wires disconnected and hoses missing. I took that photo while I was rebuilding the engine about 12 years ago.
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