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Clutch fork floating??

Posted By: dave1223

Clutch fork floating?? - 09/22/12 11:41 PM

Seems like the clutch bracket is good and a fellow pulled a boot from under my 86 Toyota truck 4x4 2.4 and said the clutch fork is floating.Guess this would explain the non/hard shifting issue?How long does it take to remove the tranny,check and fix the fork and replace the tranny?Guess it could be the fork clips or broken fork? Is there also a spring on there?<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: kewlynx

Re: Clutch fork floating?? - 09/24/12 02:05 AM

This is for a '93:


5 hours, give or take

Rent a tranny jack and a 24" extension to break the top bolts loose.

Buy the beer and pizza
Posted By: dave1223

Re: Clutch fork floating?? - 09/24/12 11:46 AM

Posted By: 4Crawler

Re: Clutch fork floating?? - 09/24/12 07:32 PM

Might be the clips have fallen off or broken:
- http://www.marlincrawler.com/clutch/release-pilot/clutch-collar-retaining-clips

[Linked Image]

About 11 years ago in Moab, that happened to one guy and he was able to R&R on the trail, just slid the tranny/t-case back a few inches. We even fashioned a new clip out of a stainless steel band clamp, I think he had one clip on there and the other one was missing.
Posted By: dave1223

Re: Clutch fork floating?? - 09/24/12 10:17 PM

Good info,hope it's something simple.Someone else will be doing the checking/and or work....thanks fellows.
Posted By: dave1223

Re: Clutch fork floating?? - 09/25/12 03:15 PM

Well my friend saw metal particles in there and said it's likely from the throwout bearing,so I guess it's time for an Aisin clutch kit when money is available.
Posted By: toyrunner

Re: Clutch fork floating?? - 09/29/12 05:59 AM

Just go buy the LUK kit. About a Benjamin and well worth it. Most auto parts stores should have it in stock.
Posted By: Adam F

Re: Clutch fork floating?? - 09/30/12 12:00 PM

Rock auto has an Aisin for $110
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