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Rebuild alternator

Posted By: wsquaredodie

Rebuild alternator - 02/22/13 09:53 PM

My 93 T100 with 196K on it finally saw the factory Denso die. I recall that these things were worth keeping and rebuilding but I cannot recall the details. $24 core charge vs parts to rebuild? Anone out there with the info? Would prefer to keep the core if I can fix it easily enough. Thanks, Bill.
Posted By: 4Crawler

Re: Rebuild alternator - 02/24/13 05:26 AM

Usually just replace the brushes:
- http://www.4x4wire.com/toyota/maintenance/alternator_brushes/
Posted By: Adam F

Re: Rebuild alternator - 03/20/13 07:14 PM

You've probably already gotten this taken care of, but I thought I'd confirm that its definetly worth your time to rebuild the old one.

I'd like to add that I've rebuilt a handful of these with sucsess, but one time, rebuilding it did not solve the problem. Must have been a burnt up voltage regulator.

Even if you don't have success, you can keep the parts you use as spares for future repairs.
Posted By: kewlynx

Re: Rebuild alternator - 03/21/13 05:09 AM

FWIW, I believe NAPA carries the aftermarket internal voltage regulator for the 1984+ alternators.

Worth a rebuild if the pickup shaft isn't plain worn out. I had one that was like that after 3 brush replacements over about 287K miles.
Posted By: briando

Re: Rebuild alternator - 03/24/13 02:47 PM

save the time man. just get a new alternator for your truck and take the old one back. you may even be able to make more money off the copper inside it straight to a metal place. save the time
Posted By: kewlynx

Re: Rebuild alternator - 03/25/13 02:30 AM

Some of us like keeping our OEM armatures; they're pretty robust.
Posted By: Adam F

Re: Rebuild alternator - 03/26/13 04:30 PM

Sounds like the smart thing to do, but a lot of these reman alternators are junk. They have a lifetime warranty for a reason. You will be replacing them every six months for your lifetime.
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