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Brake Line fittings

Posted By: toyomorph

Brake Line fittings - 04/26/13 07:28 PM

Anyone know the secret in getting the rear brake line fittings off the rear wheel cylinders without rounding the nut or bending/twisting the line? I know to ues a good line wrench. And spraying with PB and letting sit. Would apprecite all the advice I can get.
Posted By: 4Crawler

Re: Brake Line fittings - 04/27/13 12:28 AM

Yes, a good 6-sided flare wrench, penetrating oil and sometimes some heat if you have a small butane type torch to heat up a small area. If the oil+heat does not do it, try heating up the fitting to where you can melt some paraffin wax onto the threads and let that soak in.

Then I'll also use a small hammer to tap on the wrench while holding the wrench firmly on the fitting. And try tapping the wrench to slightly tighten the fitting then try loosening it.

And for reinstalling, apply some good anti-seize compound to the threads.
Posted By: toyomorph

Re: Brake Line fittings - 04/27/13 12:52 AM

Thanks Roger, I'm soaking them for a few days in PB then will give them a go. If it takes a week then it'll take a week.
Appreciate the info. Gotta find one of those little torches.
Posted By: toyomorph

Re: Brake Line fittings - 04/27/13 12:38 PM

Ok, applied PB to the fittings front and threads, and let them sit for 15 hours or so, reapplied a couple of times.
Purchased a Duralast 10/12mm line wrench from AutoZone for $8 (excellent quality tool btw) and just a bit ago broke one loose and got the cylinder replaced.
The cylinders I'm using are Beck Arnley 072-7980 and pert near exactly like the originals.

Wanted to also mention FCP Imports as a source for parts.
I purchased a complete cat back exhaust from them that was identical to the original and very reasonable price. Fit perfect. Made by Bosal in Canada. Super fast ship time too.
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