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Battery and Brake lights on

Posted By: toyomorph

Battery and Brake lights on - 10/04/17 11:52 PM

Hi guys - well my truck has been ultra reliable until now. It;s a 93 reg cab 22R 4x4. I was washing the front of the engine and top of the front diff and some areas in the engine compartment yesterday after oil change.
I use dawn in a spray bottle and the garden hose. No high pressure. I have done this many times. I let it dry for a while and then closed the lid and parked it in the driveway.
This morning I started it up and I have the brake and battery light on. So I checked the voltage across the battery terminals and it was 12.6vdc.
Started it up and checked and it was 12.1 and rev'd up to around 2k and it stayed there. Not charging. So after reading all about this I pulled the alternator and checked the brushes. they measured .254 inch with
minimum being .177... so the brushes are good. With only 120K miles on the truck I was thinking they would be.
So I checked out the 80 amp alt fusible link in the fuse box and pulled the fuse box of and took the bottom off to inspect inside and all looks normal. I even pulled out the link and looked the wires over pretty good.
I know I didn't have to check it as the truck starts and runs, but wanted to see under the fuse box.
The connector to the alternator looks very good, the pins look good on the alternator, the positive wire looks good and was nice and tight.
Guess it could be the regulator in the alt.
Tomorrow I am taking the alternator to a alt shop to have it tested. I will take the battery to Autozone and have them test that.

My question is , if these turn out to be ok then could it be a problem with the ignition switch? or something else?

Appreciate any help you can offer... respectfully.
Posted By: 4x4Wire

Re: Battery and Brake lights on - 10/06/17 09:01 PM

I would go back to the the wash job and check connections and wiring.

Starting is possible with a bad alternator. No indicating of charging is a sign of problem.

If teh alternator tests good, check ground connections....
Posted By: Snowtoy

Re: Battery and Brake lights on - 10/09/17 07:59 AM

Sounds like you washed muck into the alternator, it may dry out if you only got water in it, if oil/sludge it will need to be rebuilt/replaced.
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